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Custody Issues / How to keep a custody visitation journal
« on: Sep 24, 2013, 10:37:03 AM »
Can a custody/visitation journal be typed on a computer or must it be handwritten? What should I include in this journal?

Custody Issues / unmarried father seeking advice on custody issue
« on: Sep 17, 2013, 11:45:50 AM »
I have a few questions regarding a custody pretrial hearing i have next week. This is in the state of Ohio.

1. Should i be trying to negotiate with the mother of my child regarding parenting time and a parenting plan if she is willing to discuss it with me outside of court then get it court ordered at our hearing next week?

2. I have only seen my 8-month old daughter 7 times in her life starting June of this year (mother refused to let me see her) Back to my question, my daughters mother has been in and out of the hospital since july 22nd getting different surgeries and going to the hospital with "complications". She is unable to lift or take care of our child in general right now and my daughter is under the care of my exs mom. Is this grounds for me to get temporary full custody until a final order is established?

3. I understand that a parenting time schedule needs to be created. I am wondering if it can be added in an order that the parenting time schedule must be revised in court once the child reaches school-age? Or should i have a separate parenting time schedule to propose now for when she is school-aged?

Any/All other advice is welcome and much appreciated. I've never been thru this before. I do not have an attorney or enough money to retain one so I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible.

I am the biological father of an 8-month old girl. (Paternity & child support established & my name is on birth certificate.) Her mother & i only dated 2 months and i was not present during the pregnancy or birth since she was unfaithful and i didn't know if the child was mine. As soon as paternity came back that i am the father, i have stepped up and tried to be as active in my daughters life as possible. I am due to go to court for a pre trial at the end of September per a motion i filled with the court for visitation/shared parenting. I have a few questions if anyone could answer?

1. What are the chances i will have to do supervised visitation?
(I only am able to see my daughter, at most, 1-3 times a month and the mother is always present. I have not been able to see my daughter in 1 1/2 months due to the mother having surgery and denying me visits)

2. How often in the state of ohio do unmarried fathers get shared parenting?

3. Does the mother have to agree to shared parenting or can a court just order it?

4. Since the mother has had a surgery and been unable to care for my daughter since mid july, does that give me the upper hand in any way? She is unable to lift our child, play with her, change her, feed her, ect. Her mother is the one caring for the child right now. I've not been able to see my daughter because the mother has many excuses like my daughter doesn't know me well enough for me to have her an hour by myself, or that she's getting more surgery (this is the 4th "surgery" in a month and a half and she has had numerous hospital visits during that period as well.), i also got the excuse that the mother of our child feels its for her own protection (the mothers protection not the child's) that i don't have the child by myself.

Any other suggestions/advice/personal experience anyone can share is much appreciated.

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