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Father's Issues / Single father, ex is outside the country
« on: Jan 16, 2015, 07:29:40 PM »

I hope I file in the right category.
I am a single father, live in CA. I have two kids. My daughter (9 years old) lives with me. I have sole custody of her.
My ex abducted my son (7 years old), they live in another country now.

The court recognized that she took my son without my permission. But since he's been out of CA for more than 9 months, the court couldn't make any ruling. The court ordered custodial parent to inform non-custodial parent of the child's welfare, education, and unsupervised call.

I tried to get his custody through the justice system in her country, no luck. The court in her country gave her sole custody of him.

Things went ok for 3 years (even though not as good as I expected), at least I can still call and talk to my son, even though she always supervised the call (I can hear she's whispering, lots of pause when my son talked and he would abruptly change topic after the whispering, saying things that kids his age don't even understand, etc).

Even though she doesn't stick with court order, but I always comply/follow the order (I always go to the other room when she called my daughter, gave her full access to her education/report card, etc.).

Recently, she's mad at me. It all started when I sent a picture of me and my son together, glued it on his birthday card. She ripped it from the card and told me it must be the Customs who took the pic (who would believe that?).
When I asked her to return the pic, she's mad at me and decided to cut communication. I called, and she never picked up the phone. My daughter can't talk to her brother either.

What she does completely violates the court order. But she lives in a country that is not Hague signatory, thus they don't honor U.S. custody order.

Is there anything I can do so that I can talk to my son?

Thanks a lot.

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