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Dear Socrateaser / Has my child been adopted out from under me?????
« on: Jun 02, 2016, 10:48:45 PM »
`14 years of mind control from my x. Utter and complete disregard for Codes of Civil Procedure. My x has many lawyers. I work full time, live in Fl and my x and 14 yr old daughter live in Ark  My x slowly and with much fortitude slowly turned my child against me to convince willingness and the pursuit of adoption. Fine! For the  first year my x cut all comm via phone, letter, social media I stood my ground, writing, sending gifts, facebook...no replies. I drove down on MY visitation Christmas 2014 to see my daughter. Got there and she refused visitation! The second year i got worn down, little to no contact. Third year I'm done. Let her get adopted. I love her and forgive her but I cant do this anymore. 14 years of court battles.
I cant write enough to explainl the evil. Bottom line is I was served a summons on May 17 2016 for Petition for Adoption filed Jan 7 2016 from the x and her husband of 8 years. A consent from my daughter included a signature with her future last name not MY name! A poke? Dunno cause I have no representation and no friend or acquaintance will even discuss such because everyone is afraid of getting sued! OMG! Every bend i come around is some roadblock. The Petition for Adoption required a reply via answer or motion within 30 days. I filed a motion for a more definite answer based on "I cannot agree that the petitioners are married since no certified copy of a marriage certificate was enclosed. There was no statement mentioning how I may be granted relief from Child Support or attaching me to the Ark Child Enfocement Office. Motion recieved May 17. Filed 20th. The required time to reply (10 days) has since gone. I called the clerk, she said probate documents are sealed by law and no one but the attorneys could have access. I said I was pro se. She said id have to call the petitioners attorney. I did four x . They did nor respond . I even called the Judge of that district and was told the same thing that the law states no one has access to the files. OMG! Im the freaking father and attorney!! No help , no answers. Just screwed up laws which has burned me down, liberty has not been even within reach of me , I have been raped and beat by laws which were suppose to protect the innocent and the poor, i work so no im not indigent. Done tried that route for help. None, 14 bucks a hour in a metro area is too much money.
If the records are sealed has my child been taken from me and I still pay child support with no child no visitation? Arkansas can do anything and has done such atrocities to me no one here would even believe it. False documentataion, no documentation, destruction of documentation. I have so much proof but cant even get a hearing to state my case against ark ocse and be heard. I'm done men, I'm done!

After reviewing the Ark State Child Enforcement Manual, the Request for Administrative Hearing, I see it's not applicable for amounts disputed with support. So Im going to have to request Administrative Review. This may explain the states no response to my Hearing request. Regardless, I did receive a email from my case worker that she credited my account for the amount from 2008' they said I never paid..$3,460.00. However there is no credit on my payment history and the amounts remain unchanged. The tax refund offset remains in place for an additional 4000.00 over and above the amount in error.
I cant even retrieve but 6 months of my recent payment history and even those months are all jacked up. Therefore Im seeking correct protocol to request all my court orders and payment history from the state and federal registry. Does anyone know how to go about this? This is absolutely the most jacked up, moronic case of record interpretation and communication from the state that I have ever in my life experienced. I feel helpless with no means of vindicating myself. If I had the money I'd take this to the highest court in the land.

Child Support Issues / Ark OCSE website erroneous
« on: May 23, 2015, 09:54:21 PM »

I got behind in 2013 after losing my job of 12 years in Ark. I got behind for 10 months on my CS, my Unemployment checks helped pay for my CS during this time. I found a job in Fl thereafter and I was able to continue my career and resume CS payments. I was behind about 2,200.00. The Ark OCSE website indicated such.

Then on Oct 11, 2014 I logged onto the OCSE website and it said it was going thru "updating" each day during the hours of "I dont recall".  The next day I logged onto my OCSE account they had deleted all my data and replaced it with the amount owed immediately was 38,000.00. The next day it changed to 35,000.00 and with my reply of WTF?! It settled down to an amount I agreed to 2200.00. However a few weeks later i get a summons from my ex suing me for over 4000.00. I couldnt understand where she was getting the other 2000.00 from. She wouldnt tell me. So after requesting all the years Ive paid into OCSE history statements. I saw the problem. In 2008 I got behind 2400.00 on CS, I was ordered to pay 400.00 a month a 63.00 increase until the amount was paid in full no later than August 8, 2008, 9 months later. I borrowed the money and wrote her a Cashiers Check in full before the Contempt hearing.
Guess where the other 2000.00 is coming from according to OCSE? August 2008! Seriously!!! How can such a critical org be so careless and haphazardly with documentation? They havn't even gotten the correct monthly amount I'm supposed to be paying right. Out of the 8 or 9 petitions filed against me from my ex and all the adjustments ordered it appears OCSE has just picked and pieced together an amount here and an amount there, not fully reading the entire puzzle. Now, I have to contact my financial institution and have them pull documentation from 2008, the cashiers check. Of which i have the number and date, and did have a copy of it somewhere. I'm still looking.  Has anyone else expereinced such gross negligence from a org handling CS?

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