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General Issues / Florida Mandatory Disclosure Tax Documents
« on: Aug 11, 2015, 04:02:31 PM »
Specifically the Mandatory Disclosure form states that I am to supply (with regards to taxes specifically):

"All personal (1040) federal and state income tax returns, gift tax returns, and intangible personal property tax returns for the preceding 3 years"

My question is.. how much of this must be included?

Can I just send my "client copy" of my 1040 Tax Return?

or Am I required to send supplemental Schedules and Forms (i.e. itemized deductions, interest & dividends, dependent care expenses for other children, my educational credits)

Custody Issues / Temporary Guardianship Question
« on: Aug 02, 2015, 09:42:16 PM »
To petition the court for temporary guardianship (appointed by parent), must I file in the state that the child/parent currently resides or in my state?

BM is Micronesian. BF is American. DD born in Micronesia.

All moved to the US (Georgia) in 2006 and lived here together for a year before BM moved back to Micronesia. DD was 4 years old then.

DD has not seen BM since. She speaks to her occasionally on the phone. In fact, we really don't know where BM is living. We have no address or way to contact her.

BM called 10 months after moving away stating that she had given birth to their second child. BF has never seen this child and realizes there is little hope for getting custody of this child, DS.

Need to file for divorce and establish legal custody of DD and establish military survivor benefits for DS.

Can we do this pro se? I hear we have to run a newspaper ad in Micronesia for 30 days.

Any pointers, advice, resourses are greatly appreciated.

Attempting to file in the 4th Judicial Circuit.

Parties were divorced in 1985. both parties agreed that former wife would be awarded military survivor benefits. This did not make it into the final judgement.

BF retired in 1989, but failed to elect former spouse coverage at time of retirement, therefore can only make this happen by way of court order.

Attempting to file a Joint supplemental petition for modification.

do substantial change in circumstances apply when jointly filing for modification?

I am grappling with the wording. However, the former wife does financially support and adult child of the marriage due to significant medical issues.


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