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I'm really hoping someone can help me here.  My husband and I are trying to finalize our dissolution of marriage and parenting agreement.  We have a very amicable relationship and are doing this pro se.  I am the higher earner 90K  (to his 40K) and will be the custodial parent.  I understand that CS is the right of the child but I don't need it.  As it stands our schedules are such that he get's off earlier than myself and is able to pick the kids up from school and take them to therapy, tutoring and other extracurricular activites.  If he is ordered to pay child support he would probably have to work overtime to maintain his life style and our children's while they are with him.  This would make it hard for him to do what I consider to much more important (therapy, turtoring, etc ).  How is it in the best interest of our children to make it hard for him to do these things for them.  Yes I could reduce my schedule and make less money but it wouldn't offset what he would give me for child support.  Part of the agreement is that he will provide insurance and pay half of medical bills.  Since he is a union employee this health benefits are cheaper.  At least a couple hundred dollars, which is the equivalent of ordered CS by 28% IL guidelines.  It is not in the best of our children to see their father less, have me pay more in childcare for someone to watch our children so he can work OT to pay me a CS that I don't need.  Is there anyway that we can word our parenting agreement so that I am not waiving child support all together ( since yes, it is their right) but saying that we will revisit if the need arises at a later time?

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