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Chit Chat / Life continues on
« on: Jul 27, 2013, 09:30:06 PM »
Holy Cow! Still going strong today. I remember coming here every day. For that I am grateful because it allowed me to keep my sanity. And today I see people still going through the process, looking for some hope, to be an important part of their child's life. Be glad you are here reading the information available. It may give you some sanity back also.
So good to see a lot of the older but gooder people from way back when. I've missed you all a lot. You all know who you are. I'm sitting here smiling remembering some of the old dnet wars lol, *sigh*  ::)  ...those were the days. Looking back I see how karma is alive and well. You are surrounded by good people here.


Father's Issues / Proof this site is great! Keep faith!
« on: May 03, 2007, 02:01:54 AM »
There isn't a waking day I don't thank this website for all its done for me.

I know what it's like to fight the uphill battle. My oldest son, now 18, graduates from high school in 25 days. My formerly alienated daughter and I have a great relationship. She will be receiving her BA in 19 days. My youngest son is starting high school next year and is in his last year of baseball with me. We started racing Corvettes last year and hopefully he'll have his licensing by October (my state offers "hardship" drivers licenses to 15 year olds). Our first race this season is in 17 days. We are both excited. [img src="http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/7438/drivingen8.gif"/]

I remember back in the early part of my divorce proceedings, almost 10 years ago, everything seemed so hopeless. For every step forward I took 10 steps back. I dealt with almost every dirty trick in the book, alleged abuses, erroneous CPS investigations, police, alienation, and a much more biased system than it is today.

I came close, but I never gave up on the system. To give you an idea of how things seemed to go from bad to worse, my trial was held a couple of days after Mothers Day. On the second day of the trial the first judge was removed since I expressed to my attorney my displeasure with Madam Judge playing laptop solitaire during my testimony. My heart sank.

It was that same sinking feeling I had when my ex took off with the children and everything in the house and simply disappeared. The same one I had when the process server showed up the next morning with the divorce papers. The same one I had when the police arrested me because my ex cut her leg in her attack on me. The same one I had an hour before the Temp Custody hearing, and am handed 7 affidavits signed by my ex's family members alleging I beat my daughter with a board. That same one I had, when, two days before Christmas I receive the letter from CPS informing me their investigation came back as founded abuse by me. Dammit, the system was beating the hell out of me! And then I found god (we called him Waylon back then :) ) who extended a hand and pulled me out of the despair and showed me deltabravo.net. Everything I had been trying to fathom was right there in front of me. And people are still here volunteering support, Kudos goes out to them!

In closing I just want to say that I'm living proof that this site works. SPARC can give you the many articles, attorney help, guides, and links which have accumilated to great proportions over the years, all for no cost. But they won't do you any good unless you are true to yourself and to the system. Always remember to keep moving forward. I know it's hard sometimes, but keep your faith in the system. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel in your children. Never lose sight of who they are and what they mean to you. More importantly, what they feel each parent means to them every second of the day. They may not want you one moment, but those moments that they do, be there in body or mind with a smile and happy thoughts. It's very important when time goes from slow motion to sonic speed.

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