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General Issues / RE: great-ish news!!!
« on: Jan 25, 2006, 09:45:16 PM »
we should start a petition to bring back SAM. i'll sign.

while with her mother, baby missed 25 school days last year.
while with her mother, baby has missed 6 of 14 First Communion classes this year.

i can't wait for her to just vanish.

General Issues / RE: great-ish news!!!
« on: Jan 24, 2006, 11:37:49 PM »
oh poop. you are such a, well, you're such a bag!. yes, that's what you are. a spoilsport bag, and a mixed one at that! ruining my nice little celebration. killjoy.

General Issues / great-ish news!!!
« on: Jan 24, 2006, 09:14:43 PM »
creature is moving away to louisiana!!  she told me today that she was going down there next week to scout out jobs and habitation then moving there at the beginning of march!!  she's not moving, as she previously planned, to get married. no, now she's moving to be near a female friend.  last time she moved in with a woman was when she threw me out 4.5 years ago.  i don't care why she's going as long as she goes.

baby will, of course, stay home with me and i'll have full custody.  creature says she'll voluntarily pay $225/mth support. koff koff yeah koff right koff koff.  

she says she wants baby for the whole summer from 3 days after school is over until 3 days before school resumes. she says if i try to move baby to a new school, she'll come back and sue for full custody.  ahem.

she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away! she's going very far, far away!

i know what tyou're thinking. you're thinking that she's said this stuff before. well, yes, she has, and march is still a month away, but come on. let me enjoy this little ray of hope, eh?

so, what do you think?

General Issues / evil creature
« on: Jan 13, 2006, 11:02:00 PM »
creature is an evil entity. evil!

i talked to the director of religious education on today. he said baby missed 6 of 13 communion classes.  creature has not been taking her to class, class that i've paid for.  creature's been living with her parents for about a month, and she doesn't go to church except on rare occasions.

today after baby's girl scout meeting, i met creature in the meeting room to discuss it. i told her that baby has to go to class or she won't be prepared to make her first communion. the director and i are very concerned by all the classes she's missed.  creature could not care less. she didn't want to even look at me tonight. she said she's trying to set it up so baby goes to creature's parents' parish church instead of mine. no way. she's not their child and creature doesn't go to church, so it ain't happenin', not on my watch.  i told her that if she could not take baby to class then i would do it.  and if that doesn't work, we'd go back to the court order, which says she gets baby monday afternoon after school until thursday morning for school.  lately i've let her have weekends because i thought she was moving to st louis and would not see baby for a long time. anyway, she got steamed when i said that and walked away.

then we put baby in creature's van and continued talking outside. i told her that this morning baby tried to take out her braids because she was afraid creature would not like the rubber bands in her hair. baby was so worried about offending creature that she started to cry about it. so creature told me that, baby cries every time creature brings her back home to me. i can believe that because creature has so dominated baby's life and attitudes. once baby is here, though, she's fine.

i talked about some other things, like how i'm signing baby up for softball. she steamed about them.  in fact, we heard baby crying inside the van. she had opened the window and was listening to us. we told her to close the window, but my poor daughter's heart was breaking because her evil mother could not keep her composure.  creature kept saying she did not want to talk to me, why couldn't we do this on the phone, talking to me upsets her.

when we were finished talking, i hugged baby through the car window and told her "we're working things out.  we're trying to make things better for you."  creature just continued to not bother to hide her displeasure even then.

anyway, as we drove away from the school, creature phoned me to say they were coming to my house. they got here ahead of me. when i pulled in, baby got out of the car, tears streaming down her face, and creature drove away. not a word.

baby fell on my shoulder and sobbed that she'd see mummy on Mon and Wed (she probably meant Mon-Wed). that evil creature just left her in the driveway without a word of discussion with me.  who knows what horrible things creature might have told her on the 15 minute drive to my house.

10 minutes after she got there, baby stopped crying and started laughing again.

that beast.

i have no problem with parents and children sleeping in the same bed together. but then, i'm not from north america where my family and i feel pornography has taken over every facet of existence such that no matter how innocent and pure a situation is, "sex" is te first thing on people's minds.  this topic is only a fruit of the society in which it it allowed to fester.

that said, treating a 7 yr old like a 3 yr old is just dumb, but not necessarily bad.  children in north america are forced into adulthood far faster than is healthy, so, maybe what you think is regression is actually where a healthy child should be developmentally speaking.  whatever the case, i am almost never one to condemn parents who share beds with their children.

General Issues / RE: Depends on your state
« on: Jan 10, 2006, 01:09:14 PM »
i'll be very interested in finding out how this turns out. this kind of falls in line with other cash awards, such as lottery winnings.

General Issues / RE: baddish news
« on: Jan 10, 2006, 01:05:23 PM »
>Updates are read and printed by my EX and Camilla daily.
>Then they twist it into something it's not.
>AND then they send to Dh's EX (or call her) who gets upset too
>because I'm still breathing.....

they're not called exes for nothing.

General Issues / RE: looking for non-bias opinions
« on: Jan 10, 2006, 11:33:20 AM »
in my opinion, he has already forfeited his rights as a father. on the other hand, you're right that she is young and he might change his mind. on the other hand, your daughter is 3 and could probably use some stability in her life and maybe it's time to look elsewhere for that. on the other hand, breaking up a family is bad. on the other hand the family is already broken up and healing and rebuilding need to start.

General Issues / RE: baddish news
« on: Jan 10, 2006, 11:20:57 AM »
hi, MB. yeah, well, after our custody case was finalised i stepped away from sparc for a while, but always came ack. that little sneak waylon deleted my account. i've already had words with him about it. i think he learned his lesson. he's terribly ashamed of himself. he may never be the same again.

anyway, in the last 6 months i finally got my green card, which allows me finally to travel outside the country.  i also had a second back surgery which allowed me to return my rented electric scooter that i'd used for 9 months. it was a tearful parting.

in august, bene, baby and i went home to ontario so baby got to meet her family finally. we spent a blissful week in the loving arms of family. baby had a blast hanging out with so many of her cousins. she fit right in. we made that trip in august so that when we went back for christmas, she'd know who she was getting presents for. she's in love with her cousins and can't wait to go back, maybe this summer.

so much good news, but now creature is putting a damper on things by not moving away.  how you been?

General Issues / baddish news
« on: Jan 09, 2006, 10:44:40 PM »
hi everybody. been a long time. i hope everyone had a great christmas and you're having a fabulous new year.

well, creature laid one on me the other day. see, several months ago she told me she was moving away to georgia to get married to some army guy who is now in iraq. then she said he was transferring to louisiana, so she'd be moving there. then, a few months ago, she went to visit her cousin in missouri and came back saying she was going to move there. with that in mind, she started bringing baby's clothes and toys to my house since she would not need them where she was going. see, she was going to voluntarily give me full custody and even voluntarily pay child support. to refresh you memories, we have had joint for about 2 yrs now and i'm the custodial parent.  anyway, i've been letting creature get away with quite a bit lately, especially with spending more time with baby than she deserves, because i knew she would not see much of baby once she went to missouri.  well, a few days ago she mentioned the townhouse she was moving into and i asked her where it is. she told me it's only about 20 minutes from here.  she told me missouri went out the window 3 months ago.  i was almost in tears.  there goes full custody. there goes baby's chances at a normal life week in and week out.  just when we were thinking baby would finally have a stable home life, creature pulls this on us.

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