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You are correct, you cannot just arbitrarily modify the amount you pay, the state would still show you as having arrears. You may want to try to mediate this issue....I'm thinking it's not quite big enough to make a whole court to-do about it, but you certainly do want to get it fixed if at all possible.

Your 15 yo mother's? I'm confused- aren't you the mother?

Moms Without Custody / RE: Seek the advice of an atty
« on: Oct 02, 2007, 10:22:22 AM »
ALSO CHECK OUT http://www.nancm.org

Moms Without Custody / RE: Yes, there is hope...
« on: May 08, 2007, 03:18:11 PM »
http://www.nancm.org for you non-custodial moms

Dear Socrateaser / RE: Harassment From Ex and his GF
« on: Oct 02, 2008, 09:08:57 AM »
I was successful at getting ex's then girlfriend (now wife) charged and convicted for harassment for calling repeatedly leaving threatening messages...but that was the kicker, they were threatening....threatening to assault me....using vulgarities and obscenities also turned out to be a charge modifier (making the crime worse)....so do as Mixed Bag advised, document document document....

let all calls go to voice mail- that is the evidence that proved my case.

are you talking about actual arrears or retroactive child support? because arrears can definitley accrue for longer than two years

Dear Socrateaser / RE: Noncommunicative attorney
« on: Aug 27, 2007, 01:42:52 PM »
seems like this is common practice for many attorneys- one thing that may get him to actually work with your hubby is a short note along the lines of

Dear DeadbeatAttorney,

I have left messages with your secretary at the following dates and times and asked for a return call

date time
date time
date  time

you have not returned any of these calls, if you are no longer interested in representing me then kindly return the retainer I  paid to you and I will find an attorney who can and will represent me effectively. If you are interested in  continuing your participation in my case, then I expect any calls in the future to be returned within 24 hours.

polish it up however you like, but basically lay out the issue, tell him how you want the situation handled in the future and what the consequences are. My first attorney was like this- he ended up losing his license halfway through my case....

Dear Socrateaser / RE: Lost in the justice system
« on: Jul 11, 2007, 01:11:24 PM »
I am not positive, but it would make sense that it is from when she was served so as to give her time to respond, the transfer doesn't have much to do with it other than what court will hear the motion

Dear Socrateaser / RE: Discovery???
« on: Jun 19, 2007, 02:04:17 PM »
they can both be there though, this continuance is based on the fact the the GAL needs to "investigate" ex's claims (don't even know what they are) and interview about a dozen people...ex didn't provide this info to GAL until last thursday when this case has been going on for over 6 months already

ex wants the GAL to interview people based on nothing provided in the motions- he never issued a complaint to the court about anything regarding my parenting

I think this is pretty blatant "manuevering" on his part

I filed a motion to object with and attached affidavit....hopefully the issue can be heard tomorrow

Dear Socrateaser / RE: Discovery???
« on: Jun 19, 2007, 10:42:45 AM »
well ex just called- hearings rescheduled, I immediately called the clerk of courts and they verified.

I said: I was under the impression that there had to be a hearing regarding continuances

she said- let me transfer you

new person: yes your hearing has been rescheduled for July 9

I say: I thought there had to be a hearing for continances and then the judge decided whether to grant them or not, because I certainly would have objected

she says: mmm let me look and see how this came about...ok the hearing was rescheduled based on requests from both (ex's attorney) and the GAL

I say: Is this proper procedure to have something so important as a hearing rescheduled without any info or input from one of the parties?

she says: well I really don't know, I guess maybe you could ask the GAL

so I was nice and got off the phone- but I am really pissed off now.....

can they do this?

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