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Chit Chat / personality dissorders
« on: Jun 26, 2008, 10:14:25 AM »
What do you do, or what can be done if you know that your spouse has some form of a personality dissorder that prevents her from being a saine individual when it comes to personal relations with family and friends.i swear that my wife is bi-polar or something but i can not prove it.how do you get the courts to recognize that maybe there is an issue ,and there should be some psyciatric evaluations done ?she lives two or three differnt lives but when i say that she is not of sound mind i will not be listened to by the courts cause i do not have medical proof nor what they would call an un-bias witness.it is un believable what a sam our legal system is when it comes to family courts

Florida State Forum / RE: working together ? I'm in
« on: Aug 31, 2008, 10:13:39 AM »
Hi ,  I am so sorry to hear what has happened to you and your children.unfortunatly you are the only one that even responded to my post.I do not think that anyone realizes what a driving force we could be together.I understand that there are tens of thousands of us out there in the same perdicament.We all have rights but can't even get heard because the court system does not even care what happens to our children anymore.And now they wonder why we have so many children out there that are killing and steeling.If they would only look at what our children are going through with the decision of the courts mostly based on lies from the other parent.If i were you, i would go to conneticut and sue her up there for visitation or custody.florida is the worst state for this as it is almost always on the mothers side even if she is a crack head.I'm here and can't get any where with it even though D C F  and the boca police dept.have sighned off on us saying that the accusations are unfounded and see no reason to continue with there investigation.This is a bad state my friend and the only way it will ever change is if we all bannded together and made it known that our own systems are failing our children and creating a country of haters.

Florida State Forum / why arn't we all working together ?
« on: Jul 30, 2008, 01:41:20 PM »
what the hell is wrong with all of us ?  We all complain about what our spouse is doing to us ,and how damn expensive a lawyer is and we can't afford to get one.We in our own perspective states have the resorces that we need to go to battle for our children!there are tens of thousands of us in each state,and what we are not getting is that combined we have an unlimited resorce of knowledge and more important money to fight for the lives and saftey of our children.Do you people realize that if each one of us dedicated at least a dollar a week to our fight for our children and our rights as a good parent, we could turn it all upside down and set a new presidence in court for the rights of our children!I for one am so very tired of crying myself to sleep at nite because i have no idea how ,or even where my children are.I'm sick of the courts just letting thes parents get away with taking children away from their other parent with no real reasons other than spite, or revenge.Our children deserve to have both parents in their lives without having to get permission from a bitter spouse to see them.And the system needs to be put in check,and be forced to look further into a case before determining what is really in the best interest of the children.when do they get releif from all the crap going on with us ,and our petty differances?
If there are any others out there that really want to do for your kids and not just fight the battle with the ex,or if there are any lawyers out there that realize that im right. please contact me at drew5111@gmail.com.
we need to put a stop to the abuse of our children for the gain of power over our ex's.that is just plain stupid.We could be starting a foundation for the rights and safty of children caught up in devorce. force a custody that the children can live with 50/50 across the board!Would you be fighting over it if you were not divorced?/separated?Unless you did something bad to your children you should be a major part of their lives, so that they can grow up and make a good life for themselves

Father's Issues / RE: New, confused and getting *beep*
« on: Jun 26, 2008, 10:59:19 AM »
WOW ,I think we married the same woman!what is it with the system these days? accusations are all it takes for a woman to be heard and the courts jump to help them with their nasty planns to make us pay for them being unhappy.what about what we went through?or are going through?i was accused of the same thing by my wife 4 years ago. she was hooked on crystal meth and was in a abusive drug indused relationship with another man.the courts first gave her the control of everything and i could do nothing.it took an entire year to finally prove to the courts that she was unfit to be raising our daughters.in the end i won but did the stupidest thing in the world,i let her back in!i thought that she was better and the girls needed their mother to be part of their live.for the last three years she has been making up stories of abuse to her friends and had found and removed all papers supporting me in what happened in tx before.now because of circumstances the files from that case are sealed and i can not get a copy of them without going to court for them.they are in another state and i can't afford a lawyer to make the proper motionds to release the papers.she once again has run away with my girls and claims abuse once again,going to a womans shelter with them so she will get help and i will be at the courts mercy! COURTS MERCY!!!  WHAT A JOKE,YOU HAVE NO REPRESENTATION YOU HAVE NO CASE. SHE IS GETTING AWAY WITH LYING TO THE COURTS AND REMOVING OUR GIRLS FROM ME BEING ABLE TO SPEND ANY TIME WITH .they actually gave her an injunction based apon nothing other than lies and i could not do anything because DCF AND THE POLICE  have not finnished their reports yet so i had no proof of inocense.she stole all the money we had,mind you she don't work.and i have to pay her support also,and have yet to see my daughters in over a month.justice is not only blind but def also!maybe its just selective hearing?

Father's Issues / RE: Slogans needed.
« on: Jun 26, 2008, 09:45:09 AM »
how do the chilren know their loved if you take it away from them?

that is what should be asked

He can not walk away from any child!I know that he has gone through hell and beyond with this and it will take a very long time to work it out. but in the end the child always knows what happened and who was not there for them.It is going to be a long hard road for him and the child,but how do you walk away from probably the best thing in his life!only a worthless person would walk away from their child.I have two children that i am fighting for ,and they are going through it for the second time .they are 8 and 9 and were always my little girls.there mother has them now and is eledging abuse to make the courts keep them from me.it will get worse as it did the first time she did this.stay strong any fight for your baby and the rewards will come in the end when your child kows how much you love them to put yourself through such pain for them.Be there for them never talk bad about the mother to them.and show them all the love you can, and that is what they will always remember.

I my wife just managed to get an injunction against me because i did not have an attorny.I have not the first clue as to how and defend myself and told this to the judge.her whole case was made up lies and i could not do anything.I have not been able to find one lawyer in south florida that would help without two to three thousand dollars to start the process.she has claimed abuse and used the womens shelters to get all the assistance that she needs to take the children away from me.the funny thing is that four years ago she did this in texas the same exact way.I was able to find a lawyer that worked out trade for my remodeling services.I won the case and was awarded full custody of the children.I was stupid and thought that the girls needed their mother in their lives and reintroduced my wife back into the home.what the hell was i thinking?well it is happening once again but i can not afford an attorny this time and the courts are not exactly father friendly places,esspesialy when the mother cries abuse.are there any layers out there with any heart left?why does the woman always get what they want even if it hurts the cnot half of themhildren in the long run?why can't people put aside their petty differances and do whats right for the children?why do they always have to pay for our stupiditie ?how do i find help to do what is best for the children ?all i want is to be able to give my girls both their parents!

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