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Child Support Issues / Re: proving income
« on: Mar 27, 2009, 03:34:32 AM »
!00 bucks a month and you wantto take it back to court and pay thousands in attorneys fees and missed work..'
 I Think Id be quite happy if thats all I had to pay..

Visitation Issues / Re: Overnight visits with 2 year old?
« on: Mar 25, 2009, 03:47:51 AM »
A father should have the same access to his child as the mother "immediately" . Why should the father have to prove anything when you as the mother just get child automatically without any court questions? A child is from BOTH parents and the courts are starting to come around to allow fathers the right to be in their child's life. The fact that the parents are not living together should not matter. Married couples have issues with how the other cares for their infants.

You may not like how he parents but I'm sure he has issues with you too. As long as the child is getting changed and fed, parenting styles do not matter in the courts and shouldn't.

Very well put..I agree unless your spouse did something to cause you any concerns about the safety of your child then there is no reason that he shouldnt be able to watch the child unsupervised and take the child any where he wants..
 If your concerned about his financial situation taking him to court aint gonna do nothin but make it worse I dont think there are many divorce lawyers that work pro bono,(especially for a father) and I imagine that if you do go to the court your attorney is going to try and make him pay the court costs YOUR attorney fees and his and all the other miscelaneous charges that are incured during this..
 Not to sound demeaning but I think maybe you need to lighten up a little,let the guy be a dad it sounds like hes making  a pretty good effort trying to stay in touch with his kid..
 You can bet hes gonna make mistakes like backwards diapers as previously stated to maybe letting the child stay up later than you would,I have had child protective services called on me because the kids needed a bath when the dragon lady came to pick them up..(we had been digging in a river bed ALL day long looking for sharks teeth and fossils and just stuff, )
 The DSS worker said look maam they are kids and hes a man lol they gonna get dirty when they are doing things like they were doing lol
 Needless to say that steamed the ex and her mom..LOL


Parenting Issues / Re: Finding Affordable Legal Help
« on: Mar 21, 2009, 10:38:51 AM »
The same thing is happening with me right now(havent lost the house yet) gonna sign it over to an attorney tomorrow..
 My ex is into them pills and has a doctor that she goes to and tells him what she wants...she went to a specialist and he told her she wasnt the doctor and that he would be prescribing the meds..needless to say she dont go to that doctor any more,,,,
I really wish I could help ya figure things out but I reckon Imma have to experience whatever the state has coming for me(she went to dss and portrayed me as a deadbeat dad) which aint true and I got people stacked up 6 deep waitin to go to court...on my behalf but here its is really hard to beat a woman in the "family courts"
Please if ya come up wuth any solutions post them and I`ll do the same...

OK she took your kid to another state and enrolled the child in school? You have a court order, now my question is and I may be wrong but if I had done that in this state(south carolina) I would have been hauled off for contempt and probably kidknapping charges because I went across the state lines knowing that there was a court order..and here even if there wasnt a court order just her saying I left without her consent woulda surely landed me in the joint..
 Is that how it works?

Hello all, It is good to see a good ending to a couple of these horror stories I keep reading about and hearing about...Sure wish my ex would work with me and think about the kids instead of herself for a change
 Thanks for sharing it I sure am glad at least two couples kids aint gotta go thru what mine are being forced thru right now...

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