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Wow...I am new member, and of all the threads to read, I just finished your Christmas dilemma from way back.

I want to say congrats first off.  I am sure that you are very excited, as I was when my DH and I had our baby boy that gave us the 'ours' after the 'his & mine'.  The EX and his kids not so happy though ( yep, I have one of those evil people in my life...we figure that since she never spends the CS money on the kids, she must be using it to plan her wedding to Satan when she goes to he!!.) 

Anyway, from experience, I will say this....let the SD graduate without the knowledge of new sibling.  Her mother will point the finger at your hubby anytime something doesn't go their way, stating that it is because of the 'new baby'.  Just go to the graduation....believe me, don't miss that one, we still have a 2 year grudge from the 20 year old over missing hers (she was in TX, we were in CA and it just wasn't feasible since it was "you can come, you can't come, you can come but don't bring your girlfriend, never mind don't come, I want you there please, I hate you don't show your face, are you coming?").  Once the hub-bub over the graduate is in the past (say a week or two)  Then make the announcement.  Not to mention, it allows you time to get through the first trimester sans additional stress that you can easily avoid.

That is just my opinion...I could be wrong.

Oh and  FYI...when she learned (small town) that we were trying for a baby four years ago, she is just that psycho that she slept with anyone she could.... our now 3 year olds were born 2 weeks apart....I'll tell ya that one on another day.  Right now I need to get ready to go see our attorney (fill ya in on that later as well!)

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