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If your husband feels that the child is being neglected, then you should contact child protective services and inform them of your concerns.
when speaking with them stick to the facts, (not your personal feeling about the mother)
the child is old enough to express his feelings to cps and a judge.
CPS will investigate your concerns and if they feel that there is reason they will petition the court for an "emergeny shelter hearing" they will look at the best place for the child to live until yours/there concerns are heard by a judge. (they will also determine if your home is in order and a safe place for the child and his immediate needs)
First you need to ask your husband if he wants custody of his son? he has to be up front and honest about this. if so, tyen he needs to be the lead on this and (as hard as it may  be yu'll have to take a back seat on this one).
Some other questions you might want to ask yourselves:
Is your husband current on his child support or does he pay child support?
why has he waited so long to do anything? did he not know his child was held back not once but, twice?
why has'nt the police or cps been notified? or do you think it's not that serious and a emergency hearing is not warranted and the child can wait a month or two for the court to shedule a hearing?
you say alot of things in your post without writing them. remember this is not about the mothers 15 yera old son or her daughter. it's about your husband and his son...the rest will come out in the wash.....just my opinion. wish the best for that child.
Do you still think after all that you have posted ythis child should wait for a court hearing.

Child Support Issues / Re: CS Question
« on: Aug 12, 2009, 04:43:42 PM »
You should be able to calculate it yourself if your state has a child support guide line, I would share my spouses info. is the court asking for her information or child support enforcement?
anyway if they ask tell them you dont have her info. (that's crazy to hold a step parent obligated to support her step kids oe consider her income)

Child Support Issues / Re: Stepmother providing health insurance
« on: Aug 12, 2009, 04:29:03 PM »
NO, those are your kids and your wife, if this is how you choose to provide health coverage than that's up to you and your current family. step mom is not obligated to provide any support for your bio-children and can not be court ordered to do so.

This is a wake up call to all non custodial parents and (custodial parents but, i wont get into that) be it man or woman NEVER!!! sign any agreement with child support enforcement  as it is a seperate legal binding contract!!! which limits the courts as the agreement you entered into was not an order from the court and the court may not be able to give you any relief as you willingly entered into an agreement with child support enforcement.
PLEASE DONT BE TRICKED/INTIMIDATED BY CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT!!! take the matter to court...the court has juridiction

She has worked her way back to being in the childs life, this can also be used as arguement for your hesitation to petition for support, as you wanted the mom to better her relationship with child as this is in the best interest of the child and also given bio-mom time to be able to get on her feet so as to contribute to the support of the child, you might want to start with some nicely written letters to bio-mom with copies of bills (medical,clothing, school activities etc..) this will show a good faith effort as to keeping bio-mom informed also asking her to reimburse you for half of that care.  It also show's that you have given her an opportunity to be part of daughters financial care.  make a copy of this letter for yourself along with the tracking number from the certification (write number on letter) ask her to respond in 30 days. if you dont here from her then you can use this in court. it will reflect that you do have the childs best interest in mind and shows her lack of concern for the childs care and child support needs to be court ordered and a income deduction order needs to be granted on behalf of the minor child.
I'm not sure how canada calculates child support but, I'm sure they take into account the cost of housing and food.
and your letter to bio-mom doesnt even ask for that, which shows bio-mom wont even provide the minimal financial support

what state do you live in? both parents are obligated to provide (support) there minor children.
Dont let them due to there gender biase make the children suffer.. they need support!!
If your husband is reluctant to file, then maybe he cares more for mom then the children and you! you shouldnt have to be burdened with the extra cost when bio-mom is more then capable of providing some sort of support. I wouldnt go thru cse, I would petition the court for child support.
I really need to know what state you live in and what circuit court to be more precise as to what to do?
does the bio-mom have visitation with the children? if so is it supervised and how often?

Florida State Forum / Re: Joint Custody!
« on: Aug 11, 2009, 09:00:52 PM »
If your schedule change allows you more time with your child then that's what the lawyer must make her argument on..it has to be about the child..always make it about the best interest of the child...it's hard for a judge to deny that more time with the non-custodial parent is not a good thing. plus you can always say that any other way would mean you would have to quit a job (less money for mom she wont like that) rethink your parenting plan..your order probably already say's liberal visitation along with your parenting schedule.
also maybe you can hire a nanny for those 2 nights you close. (I got a nanny and offered free room and board worked out great!!) be creative think outside the box!!
what circuit are you in ?
do you know the name of the judge?
would like to see your parenting plan and the one you are proposing, along with age of child?

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