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Second Families / step child by marrage
« on: Jan 08, 2010, 04:43:59 PM »
my wife has recently decided that she wants a devorce.  she has supposedly gotten a no contact order (order of protection) on me but non is in existance according to the court.  but the point is that i have raised our (her) daughter since she was 3 months old and is now 8 years old.  many discussions of adaption have been brought up, but the father aka first exhusband would have to be involved.  due to physical abouse this was like asking her to face the devil himself.  so to say the least i have no legal rights to the child as far as ive been told by my lawer.  and pretty much the only way ill be able to see her is 1. my wife gets her head back into the real world or 2. once the child is old enough she seeks me out.  so basicly from my understandings is i either dont see her for 10 years or i never get to see her again.  now my question is since i was one of the primary care givers in ny state they favor both parents unless abuse or something like that occured, which it has not, is there a chance that they would look past the legal paper work and allow my parental rights to continue.  if anyone has been in this situation or knows anything about it, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  i have not seen  her in 3 weeks and i am afraid that she is going to think that i abandoned her and do not love her.  i currently have no way to contact her due to the fact that the wifes insaine parents are monitoring both the wifes and my  daughters emails.  and unfortinitly my wife is not strong enough to stand up to them and does what ever they tell her to do, hence the divorce and the supposed no contact order.  please help if you can for my daughters sake and not to lie mine as well as greedy as it is. thank you.

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