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my son's father is married and he was even married when my son was born. Her income was never calculated and she makes a significant amount (I believe $10000 per month). Was this a mistake? NCP said he is married but files separately but he never showed tax records
shall I bring this up when we go to court?

I was working on the free online calculator for child support in CA and it list the CP and NCP income and it has a box for "new wife".
I do not think this has ever been calculated in my child support. is this something the NCP needs to report? He doesn't make that much but she makes about 10000 per month
he has zero time with his son and I am not sure if he is paying the right amount

I sent letters and email asking FATHEr to cooperate and  make calls. The last letter stated that my next option was to file in court. he said he was going to call but it seems that he never followed up,
So I saw the facilitator this week and she has no idea why they are sending reimbursements there and she drafted a motion to ask him to pay his 50 % plus interest.
We have a court date for july.

I posted before about not being able to get reimbursements from NCP health insurance for medical services (out of network) that my son needed. So far, about $800 were reimbursed but they never reached me. Health insurance said they are following what the garnishment department has sent them.We are in California but the reimbursements aRE going to a POBOX in Florida and I just found out that they are going to QMCSO (qualified MEDICAL CHILD SUPPORT ORDERS.
has anyone dealt with something like this?
the child support agency has no clue why and they are receiving EOBs but not the money. The state desimbursement unit has no clue why. Father has being reluctant to call HR and garnishment department to figure things out.He has been given plenty of notices.
Court facilitator thinks he either has a child support order in Florida (that's where ther POBOX is) ir someone is committing fraud in the insurance department.
Facilitair also asked me to bring all receipts and file to make NCP pay his 50 % of all those bills. It might make him follow up and call each department.
anyway, anyone knows why QMCSO is involved? or why they are not sending the money?
I did find a file online that says they the health insurance should send the money to the CP that paid those expenses

Custody Issues / Re: leaving country w my cild: do I run any risk?
« on: Dec 17, 2011, 03:56:17 PM »
look guys, there is nothing crazy about this situation. I was just in the US this past week with my son and with attorneys. With all agree that at this point, if we consider what is the best for the child, it is what I did: being with the entire maternal family and with me of course.
Biological father wants NOTHING to do and has agreed to everything.
Everything was done the best way possible and I am open to returning to the US if the situation changes. But at this point, contact with biological father is not in the best interest of my child. His side of the family however, will come and visit soon and they get frequqht updates and photos.
I feel sorry for the person who called me a bitch.It is easy to speak when you don´t know people..
I believe this quick trip to the US resolved a lot of concerns I had and it proved that I did the right thing for now

I didnt' look at dates..sorry

Michael kelly in Santa Monica is a good family law attorney and I am sure he can give you a free consultation

well all the responses seem interesting and I appreciate it
If a judge belives that a traveling abroad child is the best option, Id see no problem doing that.
However, I assume we will have to start from scratch. Biological dad will have to first establish paternity and ask me to take my son back to the States for a DNA or file in the country where he resides.
Then he will have to request custody and all that.
I did speak with an attorney in the States and he might have given me the wrong advice but he asked me to do NOTHING and wait if the father decided to do anything.
Tjis attorny has years in family law and he said he doubts the father will do anything. He said this might well be one of those cases in which the father is married and chooses not to be involved in a child´s life at all.
We will see
I am open to anything
thanks everyone

Child Support Issues / to leave case open or close it?
« on: Nov 08, 2011, 12:22:09 PM »
I opened a case of child support in California but due to having no family in the United States and having no contact with the father of the baby, we relocated abroad.
I didnt close the case before leaving and all I know is that child support has all my info, the father got a letter of intent but the agency had not calculated amount and had not served him yet.
I was told it was going to be more difficult since I am abroad but it could be doable.
For the child, I think it might be better to leave case open and see where it takes us. But honestly speaking, if I have to travel for a court date I dont know if I can afford it
Any thoughts on this?
yes I know I blocked the fathers possibilities of seeing his son but living an hour away, he never saw his son and never provided for him.
Father is married and for now he has no intention of seeking custody and he could care less that his son has ONLY my last name
so shall I leave case open or close it?

Custody Issues / Re: do aunt and grandparents have any rights?
« on: Nov 07, 2011, 11:55:58 AM »
tigger--I know you are right

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