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hello  my son is 5 years old his farther is the primary custodial parent and has had him seeing a  liciessend clinical social worker she informed me that my son has  Reactive Attachment Disorder but he has never been abused or kidnapped or adopted hes never been in foster care or anything like that, my son wants nothing to do with me i dont know what to do we have been fighting custody and vistation since he was 3months old. he went to his farthers for vistation when he was 3 months old and his farther did not return him to me we went to court approxmitaley 4 months later and his farther won custody because he had married within thoes 4 months and they became pregant his new bride quit work to stay home, where i worked and was single the judge said that my son was thriving and he saw no need to rip him away from his farther. vistations since has been like a yo yo i give my son every ounce of my energy and love but he rejects me he says things like he only has one mommy and only wants one mommy that im not his mommy that he dosent love me he asks why i wont stop comming to see him why cant i leave him alone. i love my son with every fiber of my being i dont know what to do we are suspsto go to meadtion on febuary 29th 2012 and i have asked for overnight vistations instead of it being at his farthers home with them present but his counslor says that that would be damaging to him i dont know much about this disorder HELP!!!!!!! any advice would b helpful.

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