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Father's Issues / Re: Please Help
« on: Mar 16, 2013, 04:48:42 PM »
so that means i can get him only a few days in a year...after filling out 1000 ppwork!?!?

do i have a better chance if i get a lawyer.

and yes i supposed to have him weekends from fr to sun...even with her having full custody.

Father's Issues / Please Help
« on: Mar 16, 2013, 04:22:01 PM »
My situation......

met my ex 4y ago..was married 3y..
when i married her she turned into a monster with psychological problems that went deeper when her mom died.
i could not handle her depressions anymore and im divorced 1y by now.and I agreed to give her 600$ child support sent straight to the government bec her paycheck is not covering her expenses.

we have a beautifully son together 3,5y now and when we got divorced i didn't had time for him as much as i wanted bec  i was busy with my construction jobs and  and thought that hes in good hands since we discussed no matter what i can get him on weekends or when ever i want.


in meantime shes making my life harder by running away from me
not picking up the cell
if im 5min late to pick him she drives away
if he gets bruisers from playing from her side of friends she accuses me that it was me.

for a year ago he started to complain about his 'pipi' hurts so i went to doctor doctor said is nothing wrong.
a few months later he had the same probs so she went to doc and said I was touching him and she made the doc  runs some tests on him with no results..just reg pain when he pees bec of the warm urine.

1 week ago he complains about the same prob and she said that i was touching him again
and i cant see him anymore.

im desperate and miss my son.

shes using my son as a weapon against me bec she is jeoulus of my girlfriend and cant get over it that we got divorced.
since then shes txting me about what a bad guy i was aso,
and shes not stopping  stalking me with messages.

and the funny part is evrtime i dropped off my son or im just driving close in the area she lives he recognizes the location  and crying to me 'no mama dady no mama'.

it brakes my heart and dont know what to do

pl any tips help would appreciated.


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