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She actually didn't say . I thought that was odd . Almost like it was on purpose to mess with Me someway . Eitherway she blocked Me on that account So I didn't ask her . 

I think I might actually go ahead and file the TRO . saying something like your last post . "father intends to file for custody  but mother is threatening to take child to xx through a facebook message" because I really dont think I will have the money in a week but I am trying to sell my stuff here and there so who knows .. If I can get the money together before I get paid in four weeks I will jump on it ..... This waiting game is turning out to be pretty stressful . Wish Me luck !

No worries I dont respond to the rants just moentioned it cause it has been weighing on Me .

She  has informed Me she is moving to Dallas,Texas actually. I live in Denver . I guess thats the response to not signing the german stuff and the passports.As far as that goes I am working on informing the special division of the passport office and the German consulate with My wishes and also the divorice decree as proof I have visitation with her  .

As far as the other thing goes . The affidavit of parental allocation custody AKA custody paperwork costs $222 to file  and the TRO cost $25 not including what the sheriff wants to serve it . I knew I shouldn't have taken this lower paying job but I had been trying for years so this seemed like the luck I needed minus the fact it paid so much less.Came back to bite Me in the butt now .

From what you are saying do you think I could just file the TRO for now ?

I do not live in the same school district .Very close though .next one over I believe .

Also she did not ask to go but claimed she sent a letter and then actually informed me on facebook .

Thanks for your help .

OK , figured out I need a TRO ASAP but know I need to file the custody mod at the same time .Problem is that I dont have 222 bucks to file the custody form for another three weeks . Its not looking good . I am gonna get to selling stuff around the house and My tools at work and see where I get ...

I was notified Via Facebook that the Mother was moving as she updated Me with an address . I am pretty sure its her new husbands parents apartment  .The mother cant seem to get over what ever she has going on in her head about us . I havent been able to talk to my daughter so I have been saving for a very long time to move here . Finally I move here and get harassed once or twice a week by facebook / letters blaming for things that happened and didnt happen years ago and even name calling . I responded to a letter saying I would not sign for a German passport , German birth certificate ,and  Us Passports ( due to fear of abduction ) and then I get the update that she is moving .

I have done research on here and I am still very confused . I cant really afford a lawyer for another 4 weeks and so I gotta get to work now on protecting my visitation  . I know I need a restraining order , but those all seem to be about domestic abuse . I also need a custody change or something like and I think I tracked that down here ... courts.state.co.us/Forms/Forms_List.cfm?Form_Type_ID=72
If you see the one could you point me in the right direction ?

I am reading on other sites that by filling the custody form out that there will be a hold put on moving with the child . Is this true ? any help is AMAZING . You all have been so much help so far, thank you for that .

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