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I was actually not planning on taking much with me anyway when leaving. I would have been surprised to get half the house, but would then use that half to fix whatever monetary things were left. The money thing though, that was over the top, now comes the fun part of deciding how to proceed. See what Vermont will try to do to get the money for her? See how much the other state has influence on this one?

If it were child support, if would be different, but spousal support, where she earns more than I do just on unemployment? It's not going to happen.

The judge threw the book at me, theoretically, I filed for divorce in Oct and ended up leaving this other state for Vermont where my parents and family live. I have been living on the farm, working on the farm for my aging parents(80's) and finally after six months have a job that pays about a third or less than the job I used to have in this other state. The judge took the fact that I moved to Vermont, as a sign that I had done that to spite my soon to be ex. He has said that since I had that job in that state, I had that earning capacity here in Vermont. That sounds good, but the jobs are not here that they were out there. So he granted her the house, all of the contents, her vehicle, 1000.00 a month for 10 YEARS, plus back 1600.00 payments that I was supposed to make and didn't because I did not have a job or the ability to pay while looking for one, and her lawyers bills. I came away with my vehicle, and what few items I left with in the back of my truck. I am not sure what the courts here in Vermont will do, if anything. I guess if it comes down the line I will have to get an attorney here and fight it.

No children, 19 years of marriage. I used to make around 60 grand and her about 25 grand. When I quit my job, I would have lost it this last Dec, and she lost hers this last Dec. She was making more on unemployment than I am in my current job.

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