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Illinois State Forum / Re: Secondary / College Support
« on: May 20, 2015, 11:32:05 AM »
I'm not sure what you are trying to get....with your x earning $200,000 a year....child support should be 20%.

20% if 200,000 is $40,000 dollars.....why should your x pay for college?  $40,000 for 18 years is approximately $720,000.  Where did it all go?  It seems that your x may not be a stand up guy but it sure seems financially he provided enough if 20 percent is the norm.

You're going to complain there's no money for college?  That doesn't make sense. 

Illinois State Forum / Re: alienation and visitation problems
« on: May 20, 2015, 11:22:46 AM »
You're in Illinois.....you're screwed!  There's nothing you can do.  The judge already ruled.  You both have to follow the order.  Even if you show she is in violation, the judge won't do anything about it.  Maybe a slap on the wrist.  You can try to get joint custody but that will take a lot of money and time.  I would.  You can also try to get a psychological evaluation done for your daughter to show she has been manipulated by your x.  It may not help, but it's the best you can do.  I'm sorry for your situation.  I really am.  Almost every one I know have been screwed by the Illinois Court system.  The court does NOT care about Father's Rights....there's no such thing.  The court will do what they feel is best for the interest of the child...even if you are right....it doesn't matter.  I'm sorry...unless something changes in Illinois, you're screwed.

Custody Issues / Joint Custody IS Soul Custody
« on: May 04, 2015, 05:37:58 PM »
I don't understand what others have been through but if it's anything like my experience, I know your life span has been shortened, you have heart problems, you can't sleep, nor eat, it's difficult for you to go to a job, and your paycheck goes to paying lawyers, you have no faith in other people, and you really don't care about much any more.

In my case, (Illinois), if my x and I disagree with our joint custody, the GAL will recommend soul custody to my x wife, even if I'm right! The logic is, "for the best interest of the child, we cannot continue to fight"......how does that make any sense when she is the one not willing to compromise on anything, and continuously violates the j. parenting agreement?  Joint custody is truly a joke in Illinois...basically the wife will get to do what she wants with making decisions, if I want to have a say, I have to pay money to go to mediation for which my x will disagree...then more money goes to get the decision before the judge who will "maybe" rule in your favor.  In the meantime, the x will use my child support for our kid to pay for lawyers.  How does this make any sense!!!!!!!!!   Am I missing something?  I want ALL JUDGES AND LAWYERS TO HAVE THEIR CHILDREN TAKEN AWAY...IT SHOULD BE REQUIRED FOR THEM IN ORDER TO WORK IN THIS FIELD. 

Father's rights....make no mistake....you have no rights!!!! 

Our child was the reason for our divorce....I wasn't allowed to be a father during marriage and the court does NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING EXCPEPT CHILD SUPPORT.  I have solid evidence of interference, video proof of disbaragment, and evidence of interfering with "fostering a loving relationship".   None of it matters!!!

I have 42 violations against my x wife in contempt of our joint custody!  It doesn't matter because the court will only consider distasteful names I called her in text messages. It doesn't matter if I was provoked.  Nor does it matter that it was written by her own hand....there is no time stamped proof of the texts from the phone company...hearsay...IS ALLOWED IN THE COURT OF LAW WHEN IT'S PRESENTED TO THE GAL WETHER IT'S TRUE OR NOT!  So I call her a few names in texts.....where's the violation?  I have 42 against her and it doesn't matter?  I cannot wrap my mind around this and am very angry with how Illinois courts treat fathers.  I'm educated, I have a good job, yet I'm treated like a criminal...I've lost my home, time with our daughter, and much much more.  I no longer donate blood and really don't care about others, including my own family....the court system has destroyed who I used to be.  And regardless of provocation, the court only looks at the father's behavior...NOT the custodial parent.....really?   Put a lion in a cage and poke it with a stick and then you expect the thing to be tame.....in Illinois that's what's expected.  The worst I've done was called names in text messages due to provocation. 

Unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable....wait, did I say unbelievable.  I'm sorry if you have a heart attack and I spit on you and walk by....blame the court system.  When  you are a good dad and your child is taken away from you....maybe you'll know what I'm feeling.  But then again...I don't care if you know what I'm feeling either.

Make no mistake....Illinois is truly corrupt. 

I don't understand how all of us father's allow this to keep going on....how?  The courts are making tons of money on good people and taking advantage of us....in 5 years my divorce will be worth 500,000. 

For those who are uneducated....drop off in the drive way far from the front door....all she has to do is say you pushed her, touched her and bam....you now have a restraining order and a custody case, EVEN IF IT'S NOT TRUE!!!

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