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Are you both in same school district where the child can ride bus home to each of you (usually districts will allow two buses in custody situations especially if you get it written in a court order)?

No bus needed. We live near each other.

"Few different options and really depends on the child. You can do one week on, one week off (if child needs to see other parent, can have a midweek dinner visit on off week).
Some people do 3/4/4/3 or variations. It really is up to your work schedules, siblings at each house, and how the child reacts. You can try something now and tweek it as you go through the process."

Have been trying this for the past year. Something is always getting missed though. This summer, it's the camp t-shirt. :-)
Current schedule:
Me Sat PM - Tues AM,
Ex Tues PM - Fri AM

Alternate Friday PM - flexible Saturday transfer time.

This seems bad for HW continuity but I'm having trouble figuring out how else to do it. No HW on weekends at this school

"Homework- Have child leave school folder in bag for each parent to see notices without taking them out. Or ask teacher for two copies to put in his mailbox and you can take your own. Have the school office have both addresses and they will send anything form them to both houses. Keep teacher in loop and have conferences together."

We do most of this. But only i look at or follow most of the school stuff. Frankly it's easier than trying to explain it to another person :-)

Look up 50/50 custody on here and you should get a few old posts about some of the ways people here have done it in the past. It is great you are working together , Good luck!

Thanks for that tip - I've been searching "custody schedules" but not 50/50. Will keep looking.
Appreciate your feedback!

General Issues / Re: Transgender Children
« on: Jul 26, 2017, 09:13:29 AM »
http :/ /www .hrc .org/ resources/ transgender-children-youth-ask-the-expert-is-my-child-transgender

A few things i found via google

http :/ /www .wikihow .com /Determine-if-a-Child-is-Transgender

http :// k uow. org /pos t/ when-do-kids-know-they-re-transgender-younger-youd-think

Figured out how to get around it. Weird that they don't allow links. Probably due to spammers or something.

General Issues / Re: Transgender Children
« on: Jul 26, 2017, 09:11:52 AM »

If your child really is transgender, or if they are not, the key is letting them know they are loved and you will support them through their lives regardless of whether they are a he or a she. You love THEM, not their gender.

Hang in there. This sounds so tough.

I googled and found a couple of links....but this site doesn't let me post them. I'm sorry.

I'm hoping for a long thread of calendar images with a short bit of pros/cons about each model for an 8yo 3rd grader. Trying to plan how to both share 50/50, handle homework including long term projects, and get quality time. I'm fairly visual so pictures help :-)

eta: We live near each other and the school. We do the drop off and pick up - no bus. I am the one who has monitored and followed HW so far and that is not likely to change.

It's a little maddening to try and imagine what will work the best  :o  Those of you who are heading into 4th - 7th, your recent experience is highly valued. Love to learn from those who have "been there," especially when memory is fresh.

Thank you in advance!

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