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Father's Issues / The effect of alienation on children
« on: Sep 28, 2006, 05:43:27 PM »
For the first several years of our separation, our daughter did very well. Her mother and I co-parented roughly 50-50, and my daughter was able to enjoy a healthy relationship with both her mother and her father.

Eventually, however, her mother began experiencing tremendous anxieties and frustrations over not be re-married; this, had been adamant to do. One day, she announced that she would not be returning our child to me for regular parenting time... no reason given, but I understood... she was blaming ME for being unmarried.

Because we had co-parented voluntarily, we had no court order. (Whenever I recommended we have one drawn up, I would see her getting nervous. My silence on the issue helped keep the peace, at least for three years.)

I won't get into any more legal particulars right now, and such particulars are not the point of this thread. I just wanted to share with you real evidence as the how the alienation of one a child's parents can profoundly affect them. These three messages were left on my answering machine by my daughter, six years old, about four months after being TOTALLY deprived of her father by her mother. When I heard these messages, I totally collapsed on the floor in anguish over my child.




Father's Issues / RE: Filing a Grievance Against a Judge
« on: Aug 13, 2005, 08:32:05 AM »
In many areas, judges are ELECTED. We can change things by our VOTE. Also, if a judge has wronged you (and NOT merely judged fairly against you), you can influence public opinion.

Two years ago, I had a judge deny me my parental rights WITHOUT A HEARING. When I protested, citing a very specific federal law that supported my claims, he retorted "I don't follow federal law!"... a violation of his oath of office. He is up for election next year and I will be campaigning vehemently against him. In fact, I should have a website up very soon with photos, audio recordings, and so forth making public the actions of the people who are responsible for the removal of my child's father from her young life.

Judicial Immunity is too powerful to go against. The will of the people at the voting booths are what we need, along with clear messages to their replacements that business as usual will not secure them their black robes.

Father's Issues / Great idea..... IF
« on: Jan 30, 2005, 05:26:24 AM »
While there are logistical problems, some of which may interfere with civil rights, in obtaining a sample of DNA for comparison, the idea has merits IF, and ONLY IF, a conclusion of paternity also results in EQUAL PARENTAL RIGHTS for the father.

Here in GA, conclusive determination of paternity only establishes a father's duty to support the child. There are NO RIGHTS recognized whatsoever. In order to "obtain" his rights, he must go to court. (If this sounds odd to you, you're correct in so thinking.  By definition, "rights" are those things which we already have, Constitutionally protected. You don't have to go to court to obtain your rights. If you have to ask for something, then it's a "priviledge". Just a little "quirk" in the GA system left over from the slave days... no big deal.)


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