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Dear Socrateaser / child support mod in Orange County CA
« on: Jan 25, 2006, 09:26:18 AM »

 my fiance filed for a child support mod in Orange County CA, via DCSS after 3 months, he received an email from his case worker stating modification has been approved and a hearing will be set, and he would send notice via mail, well its been a few weeks and weve heard nothing. He would like copies of I & E's that were sent in by bm. We are a little confused by this process as we have never done this through DCSS.


1. What happens next?

2. How does he get copies of bm's I & E's?

3. Could DCSS be stalling on setting hearing as there is going to be a large decrease in support?

4. Email from DCSS said he will need to file new I&E's prior to hearing, however, court doesnt allow you to file via fax and we live 11 hours away, and bm lives in FL.   What happens if neither parent can file addtional I & E's can they go by ones all ready sent in to DCSS?

5. any other input???

thanks a million

Dear Socrateaser / custody/ CA
« on: Jan 20, 2006, 09:53:48 PM »

background, bm/bf have joint legal, mother has sole physical with father having eow 1/2 of all school breaks and mid week visit. BF petitioned for joint physical of 12 year old son, at hearing commissioner asked to interview child.. bf .. said yes as child had all ready stated he wanted more contact with dad to mediator bm agreed to interview.

 Interview was set, then changed by commissioner as she had an emergency, Interview was re-scheduled, only bm attorney was notified of date. BF attorney found out about interview after it had taken place. Son told bf that bm and her attorney told him what to say.

Commissioners ruling came back, bf lost.. not only on his motion for 50/50 timeshare but one of his mid week visits as commisioner  thinks son misses homework so mainly for school purposes she is taking away a mid week with bf.

fast forward.. new school year.. son has had an F in every class at least once this year (have copies of progress reports) but bm helps him catch up and bring it up to an A before report cards go out.  BM has admitted to father that child is with her parents during week therefore she really cant keep a close eye on his schooling

1. Could father petition for more custody based on childs grades?
(father is available every day after school)

2. Any other input??

3. Are we SOL unless son tells bm he wants to be with dad more?

Dear Socrateaser / CHILD SUPPORT ?? IN CA
« on: Jan 19, 2006, 02:34:16 PM »

   my fiance and I have been together for 12 years we have 3 children (11,6,5 months) he has 2 other children from 2 previous relationships. He is going through child support modification for one of them and had the other modified about a year ago (mother requests) during that hearing judge would not allow any hardship deductions for our 3 children, judge said "looks like there mother makes enough to support them" child support takes 50% of net income via wage assignment as there are arrears and he currently pays 200+ above guideline, my ?? 's  are since we are not married..

1. If judge will not take into account his 3 children in home, can I turn around and file a motion to receive child support for my kids?

2 If no .. Why?

3. Could I get into trouble?

just curious.

thanks for  your time... I realize this is probably an odd one.. :)

Dear Socrateaser / child support/drivers lic. CA ?
« on: Jan 15, 2006, 01:50:33 PM »
1.What is the law on driver lic. suspension in CA,
2. Is there an amount of payments you must miss prior to having a suspenion placed on your lic?


Dear Socrateaser / child support agreement
« on: Jan 09, 2006, 12:00:03 PM »
nc dad is in CA
cp mom is in FL
CA has child support jurisdiction

parents are trying to come to agreement regarding child support, father will pay an amount above guideline, mother will forgive all arrears.

1. What form needs to be filed with Child support office?
2. Can parents both write a letter to Child support office stating same and have it notarized?

3. Please advise


Dear Socrateaser / cs in CA
« on: Jan 05, 2006, 10:18:55 AM »
1.)Can you tell me where the CA law states that the courts cannot set an amount of child support to be paid back for time prior to filing?

As my husbands order is dated Aug 98 and support was ordered from 94-98 of arrears owed to state and custodial parent,  judgement was entered by default in Orange county.

Dear Socrateaser / child support ?
« on: Dec 27, 2005, 10:32:38 PM »

 Can you tell me, if I add my fiance to my checking account and he owes  arrears on child support  but has been paying current, will my checking account be garnished? State: CA


Dear Socrateaser / child support mod in CA
« on: Dec 02, 2005, 10:55:52 AM »

 dh filed for mod of  support in Orange county CA, via DCSS office, according to our local DCSS office dh pays 250 over guideline amount, he has in past asked for mod but been denied, with no reason.. paperwork just said mod request denied.

   There have been significant changes in circumstance each time, however this time he listed, % of custody has changed, both parents income have changed and mother lives out of state therefore cost of living has changed, and father pays all travel expenses accross country.(which were almost same as last time) dh actual income has never been taken into account, DCSS set ability to earn when mother was on welfare and will not change it, even though we have given them all paystubs and W-2's, and they will not take into account father has 4 other children in his home to support.


1. does DCSS have to give reason why denial if denied?

2. does DCSS have to give copy of support CALCs from Disso?

3. How long does DCSS have to respond to mod request (it has been over a month)?

4. If denied can father file for mod through courts?

5. Any other advice??

6. last ?.. if travel expenses are ordered 50/50 via CA DCSS and bm asks fl courts (where she lives) to make father pay travel expenses via custody proceeding, which court order superceeds which?


Dear Socrateaser / interstate visitation/ uccja
« on: Nov 09, 2005, 09:24:32 AM »

sd lives resides in FL during school year with M  CA in summer with F child is 12, child is from CA but moved to FL 6 years ago, child would like to reside in CA with father, when she comes this summer she will almost be 13


1. At what age will the courts allow her to stay in CA ?
2. If we petition for her to stay once she is here will we have better chance? (through Fl courts)
3. Fl has jurisdiction, however, no permanent order has ever been made, just temp ones allowing fathers summers, christmas etc. Does that mean anything?


Custody Issues / father success story!!!
« on: Aug 03, 2007, 10:39:33 PM »
Well every now and again the wind changes and a success story happens... my sd was usually in FL during school year and CA with us in summer and breaks.. well during this past school year sd did terrible.. and when she got here with us she told us that she was fighting with mom all the time..... so we did some digging.. .talked to some  of bms family and .. then we did it.. filed for full custody of sd... and got an emergency order in 12 hours signed (female judge too that usually hates men and usually takes at least 72 hours to sign temp orders)... followed all rules.. and ended up at hearing with sole custody...... so guys.... every now and again the system gives in.. and lets us win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yah yah yah!!!!

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