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do you have a copy of what the judge signed? it should say everything in detail if there is confusion.. dont send her...file a motion to clarify to have the judge give you exact text... but I wouldnt send her till you have this straghtened out.

Dear Socrateaser / UPDATE
« on: May 26, 2007, 04:03:50 PM »
well all... nothin like a little call from the CA child abduction unit to get bms attention. The DA called her and said child better be on plane or mom WILL be prosecuted to full extent of law.. then ... boom.. dad got email saying sd would be on plane.. :)  and sure enough shes on it as we speak...;)

How long have kids been in MI? and are they school aged? If so.. file an emergency order for custody.. like .. tomorrow attach the kids enrollment forms and report cards to show proof that children have been residing with you. I dont know what FOC stands for.. so ... ? but if its your childsupport worker.. they dont handle custody.. just $$$$ You might be able to find an atty that will tell you what to do during an initial consult or that can at least do the paperwork for you for a smaller fee than his retainer.. Id go that route.. heck.. Id refi my house to pay for an atty.. and if she gets one.. make sure you do to I dont care what it costs.. otherwise .. youll loose.. the one with the best atty wins..period...

ok your best bet is to talk to an attorney, with the jurisdiction issues it could be tricky, what state is the original order out of that states mom has legal custody? You may be able to file a stipulated agreement but it will have to be notarized and signed by the judge which would take a few weeks. DO NOT LET HER LEAVE WITH THE CHILDREN UNTIL YOU HAVE LEGAL PAPERWORK DONE!!!! TRUST ME...SHE WONT BRING THE KIDS BACK AND IT WILL COST YOU A FRIGGIN FORTUNE TO GET THEM!!!

What part of CA is she in?

well.. the bf.. shes got 2 kids with him, in the county I live in the Judge puts school before everything..and sd is almost 14 and she has always wanted to stay here in CA with us, her moms boyfriend is extremely mean to her, and bm tells her its not his job to be nice to her, shes not his kid!!!!
 our atty has been doing family law for like 25 years, he said we'll wait see if shes on the plane Sat, if not then first thing tuesday mornin we'll file an emergency motion because bm is not complying with the order. We are actually taking our CO to the child abduction unit today, our atty said take it there, theyll call the bm.. and usually the threat of prosecution is enough.  So we'll see..

amen to that....

what is crazy is that bm must have fallen and bonked her head!! Her fiance/boyfriend is on trial today.. for possession and paraphenalia charges.. and sd is failing school and... we have numerous emails from sd saying mom calls her a Bitch... I would think this may be enough for a change in custody.. especially since the kids we have together are all honors students etc... We shall see how this unfolds..

ok all...... dh got an email yesterday from sd mom in FL saying that  she will not be sending her Sat. for her court ordered visitation, cause sd is failing 8th grade, and until her final report card is in shes not coming to CA. .. So.. we contacted child abduction unit and  they told us to bring our CO to there office this afternoon and they will get started prior to her scheeduled flight, so when shes not on it.. they will be a step ahead...
This reallly pisses me off, we bought her non refundable airline ticket months ago. and we have known for months that she is going to fail, we have been in contact with her school on a weekly basis, we have emailed the bm lots of times and told her what they have said, and she has always said she knows but its not her responsibility to make her do sd do her work its sd's.So now why all the sudden the week that sd is supposed to be here her mom pulls this crap!! BM had the nerve to say her education comes first.....!!!

Our attorney said that if shes not on the flight sat that tuesday we will file an emergency motion for custody and for fees incurred for flight changes etc....

Had to vent.... anyone have any advice????

what state are you in?  That really makes all the difference, I would check under the "general conduct" area of your CO.. Id file for a emergency order, but first I think I would have a PI follow her for the weekend, from the kids school see where there going, staying etc.. and check with the school she may  have given new address to them, since its the end of the year she may not have if the kids will go to a different school.. but you just never know...

Dear Socrateaser / RE: registering order in another state
« on: May 17, 2007, 03:44:36 PM »
anyone from FL?? and know what form to file?? I cant find it and the clerks office is unwilling to help, cause its considered legal advice...even though Im 3000 miles away!!!

Dear Socrateaser / registering order in another state
« on: May 14, 2007, 09:43:02 AM »
hey all, does anyone know how to register a custody order from CA in FL?? what form to file, is it a Fl form or a CA form?


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