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Custody Issues / If Wishes.......
« on: Jun 14, 2005, 12:05:33 PM »
My DH and I would LOVE to have custody of SD. She is 12 now.  Right now if asked she would stay with mommy because that is all she knows. Her mom does not work and never has had to.  She has 2 siblings in TX where they are currently living.  They just built a house. Ex'shusband is in the military and is currently away(but not for long enough).  We tend to have more of problem with him than with her.  He has avery bad temper.  He used to hit ex, but have no proof as to whether it is still going on.  He tries to cause any problem possible, such as calling Public Aid in IL because we weren't paying child support.  He forgot to tell them it is abated in the summer when we have SD(he called in July).  That got them and the State's Attorney involved.  State's Attorney tried to up child support and we had to go pro se and prove the income wasn't there.
We have 3 children here, we live in an old part of town(not the best area,but it could be worse).  Our house is falling down around our ears, we struggle to pay bills every month.  I work parttime(because that is what I could get--still looking for better), but I still need to be full-time mom(cannot pay for daycare).

We get approximately 10 weeks visit a year, but we have to struggle with ex(and her husband) to get the right dates and then we fight on times.  We have to save to pay the transportation costs from Texas to IL and pay for our 3 hr drive to pick SD up at airport.  Ex has enough money she can buy a ticket and travel at the drop of a hat.  When she does we lose communication with SD(which we are court ordered to have weekly)

SDU keeps "finding" arrears and sending us new withholdings.  We are paying about $100/week now.  We have written, called and faxed to get updated receipts and find out where the new "mistakes" are at.  We have been paying our support and arrears religously.  There is no reason for errors.

It's getting depressing dealing with ex.  Ex isn't the worst parent, but she could be better.  Ex's husband is just plain bad, but no proof, just what we hear inphone calls and from SD.  We think we could definately provide a more stable, loving environment for SD.  We would love for her to really know her other siblings.

We have nothing to go to court with.  Just wish for equal time and ex to behave.  Since no reason to fight her with in court, we are praying.

We will have to go to court this fall maybe, we need to get parts of the visitation order more thoroughly defined so ex will stop some of her snits.

Father's Issues / Texas law or Father's Rights groups
« on: Sep 12, 2006, 09:45:24 PM »
Anyone know Texas law, or attorneys or Fathers Rights groups in the Bell county area?

Father's Issues / Frustrated
« on: Sep 03, 2005, 03:41:00 PM »
Ex is keeping from my daughter.  Now she is being blatent about it.  I am getting extremely frustrated.  I don't know what to do know.  I call at least 3 times aweek, which isn't very easy since I work nights.  I send at least one e-mail a day.  She doesn't call back, she doesn;t respond.  
I am keeping what records I can.  I leave messages so that it will all record on the phone bills.  I would have to supena her's though since I can;t get them from work.  I save copies all all my e-mails and e-cards I send.  I am going to start sending the letter of denial, changed over to fit the phone calls.
I plan to go to court soon, but not sure how we can get the ex to follow through the court order.

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