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Custody Issues / NCP Mom Wont return child
« on: Oct 02, 2007, 06:21:54 PM »
My husband is the custodial parent of a 14 yo child.  The NCP Mom has not returned the child and since she does not have custody, she is unable to enroll the child in school in her area.  The Judge in the case has ordered her to return the child 3 times over the last 6 weeks.  Mom doesnt follow most of the CO's that the Judge issues.

The Judge has now referred the case to the DA for review for violations of the law.

NCP is in OH and CP is in Texas.

Mom wont let the child leave her house.

How do we get the child back so that she can start school?

Custody Issues / Custody Trial on the 13th of Sept
« on: Aug 21, 2004, 06:28:21 PM »
Okay guys, DH and I are preparing for trial for SS on the 13th of Sept.

Here is the rundown...

SS lives with his mom in Oh.  We are in Texas.  DH had to file for paternity in order to see child as mom felt that it was not necessary.  Mom refused to sign papers until child was 3.  3-7 DH was active duty military. Saw child when he could.  Summer of 2001 - Mom agreed to summer visit.  Then filed emergency motion to stop as Dad had not seen child except for 48 hours total his whole life.  Dad took all evidence into court to disprove this and won 5 weeks with son.  Based on moms lies, we filed for custody.  GAL report came back that child had attachment to grandparents and therefore should not move even though mom was in abusive relationships, etc.  This was 1/2003.  We settled with a very good court order - then mom's world fell apart.

Mom was thrown out of her boyfriends house, mom stopped taking child to the doctor, stopped getting his prescriptions filled, stopped him from going to therapy when therapist stated that Dad would not get out of her/sons life, moved in with a child molestor and tried to hide it from us, was abused in front of the kid and had to be hospitalized due to a head fracture, moved and did not let us know, moved again within 3 weeks, moved into a new school district, then moved back to the old one and into a 800sg ft house with her new fiancee, his daughter, her two other children, SD and 3 large dogs, mom stated to DH "I have 5 years to screw up his life and you can't do anything about it", Mom says child is responsible for his own life and homework, mom refuses to help child with homework, then mom tries to stop summer parenting time due to child failing school (Judge denied as mom agreed prior that this was no reason to stop parenting time).

Pretrial was in June, Mom was pro se.  She tried to get a free attorney, her income did not qualify her for one.  She retained a criminal attorney from a new county since no one would represent her in her county.  

New attorney calls our attorney and says DH is only going to reduce CS. Our attorney says, pull out the motion, and pick any one of the 25 reasons we posted as the one.  Then offered her a 6 month trial of him living here to see if Dad can improve his grades.  Our attorney gave some case law and told her that it would be in everyone's best interest to settle out of court.  We will see what happens.

AND  - the Dad of the other two kids, he is suing for custody as well.  The judge combined the cases to save the county money.

Court is on the 13th, I leave for India on the 2nd and fly back into town on the 11th right before court.  GAL report is due on the 2nd but knowing our GAL, he will not submit it until the 10th.  

There is  3 -3 inch 3-ring binders full of info.  We have 50 tapes of calls from mom, grandparents, etc.  The tapes will not be transcribed but the relevant sections will be ready to be played - like the 911 tape, mom saying she doesn't care what grades he gets, etc.

Wish us look, hold us out in your prayers, give me advice, any and all help is appreciated.


Father's Issues / Need Father Driendly Atty in Northeast OH
« on: Oct 31, 2006, 07:28:23 PM »
Boy, we have been away from awhile and I am glad to see a lot of old friends still here!

DH is looking for a good, communicative fathers right attorney in NE Ohio.  

Any recommendations?


Father's Issues / Need help - in OH
« on: Jan 22, 2004, 10:49:02 AM »
Does anyone live near the Toledo area or Cleveland area of OH?  Father in need of help desperatly.


Father's Issues / Going from Board to Board
« on: Nov 22, 2003, 05:56:41 PM »
In the last forum, I was able to move from board to board easily.  However I can't figure out how to do that in this new forum.  I keep having to go back to the TOP and then click again.

Is there a way to go from one directly to another without having to go to the bottom of the page and choose the next one?  Is there someway that could be moved to the top?


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