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Father's Issues / Familicide
« on: Nov 05, 2005, 03:22:07 PM »
Recently I read- a father killed his 4 year old son then took his own life.  Fathers estranged wife had temp custody and plans on taking the child several states away.  

The father was quoted in his email as saying: ""I was going to try to fight this legally, but I have almost no chance of winning. The mother automatically gets the benefit of the doubt as being the most important parent when the child is age 8 and under -- the "tender years". I would have to show that she is not fit to be a parent in order to gain custody."

A psychiatrist in a major hospital quoted in the paper said:

"To think that you have the power or opportunity to judge how someone else's life should go, or to end somebody's life because of whatever I believe, is wrong. And it usually comes from a disturbed mind."

isnt this what the courts do?  They decide if you get to be put to death or when, where and how you see your child?  I suppose that this guy is really stating that our court system has a disturbed mind since they do have the power to to judge how an entire family can spend their life in a divorce situation.

Just my 2 cents here........

Bet Glenn Sacks would tear that ringmaster up and spit em back out.

Father's Issues / RE: Guardian Ad Litem
« on: Aug 12, 2005, 05:53:05 PM »
Our GAL program is all volunteer and based upon a 20 hour class participation.

They are simply to report their findings, but what they are supposed to do and what they do do is something entirely different.  Our GAL was an attorney.  

When we finally went to court it was a freakin circus,  Dad on the stand being interogated by BM attorney then the attorney for the GAL, and then the GAL standing up and testifying while not a witness.  They had BF on the stand for 11 hours.  

It was a horrible situation for all of us, I believe solely becasue they did not appoint a GAL that was not within the legal system and the mindset was already prevelant and she could not get out of that legal mode to actually see the forest through the trees.  oh yea, she also did not have any children herself in order to even have a feeling of parenthood.

Father's Issues / RE: Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem?
« on: Aug 12, 2005, 05:45:40 AM »
I agree, watch your back, even if it was you that asked for the GAL.  We petitioned the court for one, the court granted it, GAL called and we made appointment, then BM and her attorney refused to return GAL's calls for an appointment for SIX MONTHS.  

We thought this ws a prime example of her non communication tactics to us, and the GAL said she would not report favorably on that in her report.

Her report was 20+ pages of BS, stating things like the child lied but then would believe him when he would report something to the GAL.  Her report also stated she talked to childs other ha;f siblings, when she clearly did not (one was in another state that same day) and was very unfavorable towards BF and just a fleeting passage of how BM took so long to return the calls, it was all glossed over.

Long story short, we found out that the more people that get involved in your case the more risk you run into letting them control your lives and screw you over.  This includes the courts and the attroney's.  No disrespect to them at all, just they are third parties that have no idea what you your x or the kids need want or desire or how yor household runs.  Parents typically know what is best for their kids and I take exception to the courts "best interest"statement."

Sorry so windy here, buy good advice is to watch out for yourself and comply wiht the courts orders.

Father's Issues / RE: Returning Child's Clothes After Visitation
« on: Aug 11, 2005, 01:58:53 PM »
Here's our story.  We would usually be BM house when she would get home in her car.  She would take child out of the car grab him by the hood of his navy blue down jacket and drag him in the house.  Make BF get out of the car to come to the door even though she  saw us in driveway and pulled up beside us.   BM sends child out the door in old worn for several years hand me down brown torn jacket.  When we complained in court the judge said that "unless she sends the child out the door naked" then he would not rule on anything else.

Fast forward to years later, mom refuses to send ANY clothes with child when he is with us for the weekend, and only 2 changes of clothes for 2-3 weeks in summer.  Then she has the B++++ to write in a letter to wash the clothes nightly so he has a clean set daily, and on weekends we are supposed to wash his clothes every night so he has something to wear the next day.  We too have bought clothes, but BM has ingrained in his head that our "clothes" are bad and "not what he likes" therefore we are "useless".  Clothes that have been purchased or sent as gifts and allowed child to wear home and never returned despite court ordering her to do so and letters asking nicely to please return since they were gifts from siblings and family.  

Father's Issues / RE: Almost died
« on: Aug 09, 2005, 03:33:48 PM »

First of all I am glad you are ok, please get checked though to be sure, previous posters are right, you will feel it tomorrow.

Secondly, I share with your frustration and the part to give up, I do not have words of wisdom to keep fighting as I can not see the light of day for tomorrow to give someone else hope, but I do certainly share in your fight and your feelings right now.

And lastly, if this is the car that IN put a lein on becasue of CS issues, I think that in itself is commical, tell em to come get it and have it towed back!  Then tell em to do with it as they see fit, I have a few suggestions but perhaps that would get me in trouble somepleace.

Take care, get help and tomorrow is another day!


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