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Illinois State Forum / RE: Experience in Will County
« on: Mar 02, 2005, 12:28:45 PM »
I am just a few miles south of you. Had over 30 contempts and only one held. It must be the area we live in, nothing seems to work...

"Children learn what they live"

Illinois State Forum / Springfield Reporter...
« on: Nov 12, 2004, 08:29:31 AM »
In last weeks newspaper, a reporter from Springfiled wrote on the new Grandparents Rights Law.

Maybe a few well written, polite letters will point her in the direction on the Class Action Lawsuit. Or at least our side of being a NCP.

The reporter is out of Springfield, Illinois. Her name is Stephanie Sievers.  Phone number, 217-524-5797. E-mail address, Sng2@Springnet1.com

"Children learn what they live"

I have a simular situation with the doctor. Won't give out anything until the mother signs her permission. WTF!

"Children learn what they live"

Post this on Soc's board

"Children learn what they live"

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! I have been searching everywhere to find this, with no luck!

"Children learn what they live"

Illinois State Forum / RE: Access to Medical Records
« on: Jan 28, 2004, 07:59:30 AM »
I have the same situation. Can not beleive a doctor would take the word of a liar. Sent the same letter, got the same response. It is now in the hands of my attorney.

I have had others read that statute and they read it the same way I do.

Sent the law with the letter. They just totally ignore it.

As soon as I find out what steps my attorney takes, I will post it.

Illinois State Forum / RE: New laws in IL in 03
« on: Jan 14, 2004, 08:47:38 PM »
Thank you, fore warned is fore armed.

Does not sound good for the NCP

Illinois State Forum / Can I e-mail you privately Dean?
« on: Dec 11, 2003, 09:08:51 PM »
Welcome to Sparc! We appreciate your input.

I have a question that I would like to ask. It is sensitive. May I e-mail you privately Dean?  

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