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Alabama State Forum / Unethical conduct by Attorney
« on: May 10, 2006, 06:30:36 PM »
I am wanting to help my sister who is truly a beautiful woman and mother inside as much as she is out.  She is divorced from the father of her son due to domestic abuse and adultry.  He had addictions to porn.  He hid money in other businesses outside of the one they had together.  She ended up with her son and has always strived for her children to be brought in a good environment with appropriate discipline.  She has also strived for a positive relationship to be maintained between her son and his father despite the former behaviors.  However, the father has continued to harass my sister and has had criminal charges against him for abusing his son.  Once for beating him with a belt and the other for slamming his head with a fist against a car window.  Those are only the times known.  The son is afraid of the father.  The father continually harasses my sister by every means he can and because he has money can buy people very easily.  My sister would have more money to make ends meet if he would just let them live a normal life.  This gets very deep so I'll go onto the needing help part.  My sister's ex had criminal charges against him for the second time after abusing his son.  An attorney was appointed as the Guardian ad Litium for the son.  Both my sister and her ex were to go throught their lawyers when conversing with this guardian.  However, the ex was able to directly speak with this attorney and my sister was directly ignored by this lawyer and told to go through her lawyer.  My sister did not hear from this attorney for 5 months while the investigation was going on yet her ex was conversing with the attorney unknown to my sister.  The attorney then contacted my sister forcing a visitation (even though criminal charges were pending) to the father.  The son is of age to make his own decisions and did not wish to see his dad.  The attorney ordered the son over the phone to make this visit to the father and not to miss the appointment.  The attorney continued to harass my sister by calling her cell and leaving very stern, hateful messages.  She shared information with a judge that was not supposed to be shared (information provided by the ex which was bogus) creating a biased situation to where the judge (who is friends with the attorney) dismissed themself from the case.  The judge also mentioned that this attorney could have a bar complaint as a result of the attorneys conduct.  This attorney was then appointed parent coordinator which is conflict with her current position as Guardian ad Litium.  Recently she has garnished my sisters wages for bogus charges to include telephone calls she claims she tried to make to my sister on her work cell phone.  My sisters company pulled up the history and there are no calls to her.  My sister also had a tape of her ex husband that this attorney asked her to edit and give to her.  My sister paid $158.00 to have that done and the attorney will not return the tape.  It was said by another attorney that she is in conflict of her position and continues to advocate for the perpretrator and does not understand why.  Although there is much more to this story it would go on and on.  My question is how best to present a complaint against this lawyer and aquire damages.  My sister is a nervous wreck and lost so much time from her job due to the continued harassement by this attorney and her ex husband.  My sister even had to stay with a friend for a while because of this criminal case.  There are good lawyers and bad lawyers just as there is in every profession.  Please help me to help my sister find the best legal means to put a stop to this so her son and her can live a more stable and peaceful life.  

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