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Father's Issues / Question for a friend about an unborn child
« on: Aug 08, 2011, 01:34:35 PM »
So my friends gf is pregnant.  Due in about 4 months.  Friend has realized he is not in love with her and does not want to be with her.  GF's family lives in a different state than friend and his family do- she moved there with him.  I have advised friend he has little rights at this point.  That he is best off to wait until the baby is born and then he can petition for the baby to stay in his state, but friend thinks he will get a court to order her back to his state with the baby.
They have had several issues- gf cheating several years ago being one of them and friend has never gotten over it (which I told him at the time he took he back that he would never move on but he swore he would).
What is his best course of action?  I hate to tell him to stay with her until the baby is born but if he doesn't he pretty much gives up any chance he has to keep her in his state.  Can he petition when she is pg to stop her from leaving the state?  I tried to tell him to stay with her and get some counseling and try to make it work but he is done.  She kind of 'trapped' him with the pregnancy and never told him she went off birth control until she was already pg.

Dear Socrateaser / Termination of Rights
« on: Apr 02, 2005, 10:21:29 AM »
Dh is CP and we live in TN.  BM is ncp and lives in WI.  Parents were divorced in WI and WI has jurisdiction of this case.

Last week bm was ordered to pay $45 a week in child support.  This week she e-mailed us and said she wants to terminate her rights to ss and have me adopt him.  She said she will terminate regardless if I adopt ss.

She just had ss last week for 5 days and for 8 days at Christmas, plus 10 weeks last summer.

She said her reason is that she hates us so much and we make her sick and she cannot ever stand to see us or hear from us again and if that means she has to give up ss then that is what she will do.

1.  Can she terminate w/o me adopting ss?
2.  Can we file something for full/ sole custody since she is not wanting involvement?
3.  If she hasn't file to do this before we are required to send him to her for the summer do we have to still send him?

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