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Victoria Harrison (405) 522-0032 ~ The contact person for the Oklahoma Customer Service Quality Improvement Process

This person may not be able to solve your problem but may get the ball rolling.

The other thing that I would suggest is STOP calling and start doing everything in writing. When you write make sure you tell them the time frame you wish a response. If you have your caseworkers name and which office the case worker is working out of you can always send the letter certified return reciept requested to prove SOMEONE at the office got the letter.

You will not have much of a leg to stand on without writen proof you have attempted to remedy the problem prior to seeking litigation.


Child Support Issues / Covering Butt
« on: Feb 11, 2005, 03:51:50 AM »
IF he is put in the situation where payment has to be direct:

1. Use only US Postal Service Money Orders~ Make copies of the FRONT and BACK prior to mailing along with your reciept part.
2. Pay the extra to send it registered mail return reciept requested~
3. Invest in a fireproof box~ keep all reciepts for money orders and verifications of delivery in there as well.

Send her a Western Union Telegram (costly but proof of WHAT was said AND proof of reciept) inform her that effective (date) that child support payments will be coming by registered mail. Remember to put the telegram in your fireproof box.


Child Support Issues / RE: HELP...
« on: Feb 11, 2005, 03:12:59 AM »
I know in California, all that is required is to send via certified mail to the address of court record. It assumed by the courts that the address in their records is the true and correct address and if not the party should have/could have/ and reasonably been able to correct their address.

Florida's Code for Civil Procedure has a couple of options including mailing via registered mail to the last known address.

Here is the link for Florida's PROCESS AND SERVICE OF PROCESS


Child Support Issues / RE: In Arrears
« on: Feb 27, 2004, 10:54:15 AM »
Each state is a little different, so I am only speaking of what I know is available through my state.
You can request an audit of your CS payment history through the Court. At the audit, you can present any documents that you have that show payments were made that the CS enforcement agency does not show.
That audit should be more accurate. Ask your attorney if this option exist for you in Texas.
Good Luck

Moms Without Custody / RE: Hearing in a week
« on: Jun 04, 2005, 12:04:23 AM »
Hearing will be postponed as the Judge has recused himself.


Moms Without Custody / Hearing in a week
« on: May 29, 2005, 09:39:31 PM »
Our next hearing is in a week. There still has not been a specific evaluator assigned. This is becoming more and more frustrating.

I am trying to remember to be balanced through all this and keep my tattered emotions in check in order to provide the best outcome... somedays it is sooooo hard.

Both children will be repeating their respective grades :-( best interest of the child to be left in a situation where their educational needs are not being met?

Hopefully we will have something positive to report next week.


Moms Without Custody / RE: Custody Evaluator
« on: Apr 27, 2005, 06:53:32 PM »
Although I understand what you are saying, there were only 3 questions in the initial questionnaire 1) What lead to the current custody dispute? 2) Why do you believe your custody proposal is in the best interest of the children? 3) Are there any other issues that have not been addressed that you believe need to be included?

The custody dispute was specifically because of visitation interference and impeding access to the childrens records. Had those two things not occured there would be no custody dispute.

Hopefully the evaluator reads the "evidence attached" because the evidence shows that dad never intended on mom taking the child to the appointments and scheduled them to prevent visitation.

EXAMPLE: email recieved at 10:36 pm:
Dear Mom,
        Child has an appointment in Town at 10:30 am. Since your visitation period does not begin until 2:00 pm, I will be taking Child to the appointment. If you are unable to meet us at the appointment Child will tell you what happened at the next visit.

This Town is almost a 4 hour drive away. There is another child involved who will get out of school at 2 and expects someone to be there. Oh and lets not forget current orders say the children are not to be used as messengers between the parents.

Oh well... maybe I did it wrong, won't be the first time and certainly won't be the last. But the fact still remains had he not interfered with visitation and had he not prevented access to the childrens records there would be no dispute.

Moms Without Custody / RE: Custody Evaluator
« on: Apr 14, 2005, 10:10:30 PM »
What has lead to the custody dispute:

The father has willfully and without just cause interfered with the parenting time alloted the mother. This has included but not been limited to: (1) scheduling medical appointments that occur out of town for the parties minor child and failing to notify mother until the evening prior to the scheduled appointment (evidence provided) (2) Planning vacations during mother's parenting time, when mother objects, father tells the children that mother just doesn't want them to have fun.(evidence of the vacations scheduled ~ hearsay on what he tells the children) (3) Telling the children that visitation with the mother will not occur if they fail do activities he demands. (evidence attached that he intends to deny visit because child failed to comply with his demands)

The father has willfully and with intent to prevent active involvement with Joint Legal making decisions failed to provide the mother with names of medical care providers, mental health care providers, and educational processes. The father has refused to provide the information when directly requested by mother. (evidence attached)

Moms Without Custody / Custody Evaluator
« on: Apr 12, 2005, 06:18:51 PM »
It appears that a custody evaluator will be assigned later this month. I was requested to provide a list of what lead to the custosy dispute, why I think my custody proposal is in the best interest of the children, and other "issues" that have not been addressed that I feel should be.

I have the reason for my proposal being in the best interest of the children:

The parents have been parenting seperatly for 9 years. During that 9 years there have been 5 seperate parenting plans. Historically the parenting plans that provided the most amount of stability to the children, as shown in their (1) academic acheivements, (2) extracarricular activity involvement, (3) lack of behavioral issues has been the 3 parenting plans that provide equal or close to equal parenting time for both parents. Despite the failings of each parent in areas of parenting those appear counter balanced by the strengths of the other parent, providing the children with a well rounded experience.

The issues that lead to the dispute are easy. The only thing left is providing "other issues".

Does anyone have any ideas what they are looking for?


Moms Without Custody / Update
« on: Apr 07, 2005, 07:10:31 PM »
Mediator states:

The decline in the children's school performance is concerning. There appears to be some bases to mothers claims that father is not adequetly assisting the children with homework. Attendance records provided to mediator show a decline in attendance since the children's change in physical custody. There is bases to mothers claim that father is not assisting the children in arriving to school in a timely manner.

Recommendation: Further research into the records of these children and the two children in my custody not involved in the case.

So I am gathering the kids past report cards, getting my oldest child's medical records to show his attendance problems were medical related (mind you that even though he missed a total of 92 days out of 360 instructional days he still maintained a 3.80 gpa), and other relevant documents to give the court.

Even if I lose the bid for substaintly more time, I hope that it is enough to move their father off his behind to help them more. Bottom line is they HAVE to have an education and they have tohave support getting that education.


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