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Visitation Issues / Frantic grandma
« on: Nov 02, 2006, 06:56:58 PM »
I'm new, sure hope I've posted to the correct forum.

Our son has an almost 2-year old daughter with his ex-girlfriend, from whom he separated 3 months ago.  He has been an active dad since her birth.  When the baby was born, his girlfriend would not let him be named as father on the birth certificate because she wanted the maximum for daycare/food stamps/etc.  Now that they are separated, he is paying CS voluntarily, but has filed for paternity with the state of Oregon.  Just today his exgirlfriend got the papers about this, and she is furious.  She says now she is screwed, they will go hungry, it is all his fault, and he will never see the baby again.  They have had a verbal agreement for visitation, but she does not stick to it, and insists that he also visit/take some of her other kids, who are not his children.  He feels he must get paternity of his daughter settled to stop this, and get the court involved in helping set visitation.

My question is, if she throws away the papers she got about paternity/child support, what recourse does our son have to be named father?  The girlfriend says she will call the state tomorrow and "fix" this, probably some false accusation I would guess.  Should he wait until paternity is established to obtain an attorney?  

Thanks so much~~  falada in Oregon

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