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Father's Issues / Lawyers questions????
« on: Nov 27, 2006, 06:47:45 AM »
I have another question?  We have been researching lawyers and omg!  We don't have thousands sitting around. I know some do have payment plans, but I'm not having any luck finding any winners.  Does anyone know of anything helpful?  
Also, we thought about confronting the BM and see if she will come to an agreement outside of court, especially if she knows how much she will have to spend on a lawyer.  But, we want shared custody, reevaluated child support, and more visitation.  Im not sure those are things we could agree on outside of court without having some kind of legal guidance.  Not sure if a mediator is going to suggest things or come up with a proper child support amount, etc
Also, is the BM able to get a free lawyer, or representation from the state?   or would she have to get her own?

Any help would be appretiated!  

Father's Issues / RE: Where do we start?
« on: Nov 12, 2006, 02:26:53 PM »
Thank you both for your help....

Father's Issues / RE: Where do we start?
« on: Nov 12, 2006, 07:21:11 AM »
As of right now we get her every other weekend because that is what the mother lets us do, but the problem is that the mother changes it up when she wants and has already stressed to us that we will never have her xmas morning.  We can try to talk to her about coming to an agreement without going to trial, but I think she is gonna give us problems. When I bring issues up to her about what is fair and what if we told her that she could never have her xmas morning she goes into the crying, feeling bad for herself and the "poor me", she is thinking about herself and I know the only reason we do get her every other weekend is so she can get a break.  I just don't think its going to go that smooth.

Father's Issues / Where do we start?
« on: Nov 12, 2006, 03:13:21 AM »
I hope I explain this clearly.  I get so worked up when I talk about this.  I will try not to drag it out!!!

My husband, the NCP, has a 3 yo daughter.  We are newly married, this past June.  Legally he only has visitation rights of every Saturday for a couple of hours. But he worked retail and almost never had a Saturday off.   He pays child support and always had.  Starting last year Thanksgiving 2005 the CP, his ex-girlfriend, started letting us keep her few days here and there.  More and more as time went on.  This past July she complained that we only get his daughter when its convenient for us, which wasn't true, we always "begged" to see her.  So we offered to set up a more permanant visitation schedule. She agreed. So we started getting her every other weekend since then.  She lives 2 and a half hours away from us and we do ALL the driving, we got her to meet us half way twice.  The CP does not have a car and just recently started working at the mall and lives with her parents, that smoke.

Basically we cater to her schedule of when to pick her up, when to bring her home.  We pick her up early sometimes so she can pick up hours at work, we give her rides to appointments, etc.  When ever the daughter or the mother needs anything we are there.   The problem is that she "re-niggs" on our visitation and it is very frustrating!  We recently went on vacation for 2 weeks, family was coming into town, we asked the CP if we can have her during that time because we were going to be doing lots of kid oriented things.  She agreed and also agreed we could keep her Halloween, which fell in those two weeks.  Well during these two weeks, she asked for her to come home because a great great great grandmother passed away in another state!! His daughter doesnt even know this family memeber and the CP was saying the daughter needed to give her respects! she is three!???  Anyway we drove her back home in the middle of vacation for this.  We then were allowed to pick her back up few days later....everything was going ok, then we asked the CP the day before Halloween, Monday, if we could keep his daughter till Friday?  She said yes but then Halloween day she called saying oops she forgot the daughter had an appt wed and that her sister in law just invited them to a kids party wed night too. SOOO! we had to stop everything we planned for the rest of that week and actually too her home after trick or treating!! we got home at 1 am! We expressed how unfair and rediculous she is being with all this! We had planned this vacation few months before.    She has custody so we know what she says goes, but this has got to stop!!!  I could go on and on!!  

Im not sure where to start? But we don't want to take her from her mother. We just want equal and fair!  We are married, both employed, I am a pediatric nurse, we have two vehicles, our own place and smoke free!  We want joint custody, I think , equal and fair visitation on paper, and his child support revised.  Any advise?  Thanks, Very frustrated

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