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Custody Issues / We are not custodial so we have no rights?
« on: Nov 22, 2003, 07:58:17 AM »
We found out this morning from a friend who has a police scanner that sd was reported missing this morning. I guess (dh is bringing home the police report after work) she left home last night at 11:20 at night and her mom called the police this morning at 6:30 to say she never came home at all.

I am so fed up with paying for this darn kid and her mom just lets her run wild. First of all she just turned 16 so why is she even going out at 11:20 at night?

She pulled her out of school to home school her and we get no say in that and now the kid is out all hours of the night and we have no say in that. I called the county prosecutors office and the lady was really nice and told me to call the county legal aid for help with an attorney and the woman actually told me that since we are not legal guardians that we can’t do a thing.

Yeah the ex has no problems having someone help her get more money from us and then she doesn’t give the kid two seconds of the time that she deserves and we are not allowed to say a word. I guess were here just to pay money to this woman and keep our mouths shut.

When the kid ends up dead we will be the first ones they call though to lay the blame on. I’s all our fault that she is the way she is even though we were the only ones who made her mind and we hadn’t seen her since she was 9 because we were too mean to come and visit.

Are there ANY fathers rights groups out there at all? How can this whole process be so one sided? All the ex would have to do is whimper and there would be 5 agencies fighting to help her rake us over the coals.

I guess all our state thinks we are good for is paying her mother every week.

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