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Ohio State Forum / RE: can something be done?
« on: Jan 06, 2006, 08:47:57 AM »
I bet she has a cell phone.

Child Support Issues / RE: child support in another state
« on: May 03, 2007, 12:51:33 PM »
Well I guess I will sleep better knowing that our court order is what IRS goes by. I would hate to have to bicker over who had "more" time, geeze. Besides they did cut US a check for the right amount, and we filed LAST.

I can't imagine they would have sent us the refund if they had doubts about OUR return.

So I suppose it's up to them to go after her, for the tax money back.  I ACTUALLY rather they did NOT go after her (at least for a while.....) SD is 13, lets say 5 years would be nice. :-)

Because BM will retaliate on US if they go after her. Nothing is EVER her fault, even if SHE mistakenly claimed the wrong year, or if she "felt" she had "more days" despite our court order stating teh rotation, whatever her reason for taking the claim, it will be "our" fault.

Thanks for all the posts!!

Child Support Issues / RE: new 2006 tax law
« on: May 02, 2007, 12:20:36 PM »
I just looked on the internet, and found that the new 06 tax law states "whoever the child lives with for more than half of that year gets it." If split, one day more that half.

But for us we have a written 50/50 plan, but (just recently, October 06) SD has been refusing to come for all the Parenting times, = (BM finally PAS'd her fully). But for most of 2006 we did shared parenting up until October, even paid daycare for summer. So technically she could say she had her more then half...

BUT, our court papers stipulate rotating the deduction each year. Which is what we were abiding by.

I had no idea the law changed, and whether or not it affects "legal decrees" that actually have in writing who gets it which tax year, like ours does. I would think that she waives it by that signature agreeing to the rotation.

I guess she would have to prove she lived in her home one-day more then ours...?

I will stop worrying over it. For now, they DID give it to us, so they must be abiding by the legal paperwork.


So you never really knew if they bothered to collect or not? My friend told me the same thing, in fact, she thinks they both got the deduction every year because the IRS did nothing about it.

Yea, that is what we pondered. Take our deductionor let it go....

But it was $1500 difference in our tax refund, so yes, it did affect us directly.

That is why we sent our legal papers to them after they rejected our deduction the first time.

We rotate every other year, and in our legal paper work it states father get's even years mother odd. Well for 2006, mother decided to claim the deduction and submitted her taxes before we did.

We e-filed and it bounced back, that XXX social was already claimed. So we had to mail it with a copy of the legal plan stating it was our right for the child deduction. A week later we got our full refund.

But now I wonder, what happens to the ex? Do they notify her? She obviously had submitted her papers early to get the deduction before we did. And I'm sure she already got her check and spent it. Do you suppose they will revoke it or make her pay it back? Anyone had this happen to them?

We just didn't want to stir the bee's nest if  you know what I mean.

Child Support Issues / RE: Packing a Bag
« on: Jun 07, 2004, 09:21:00 AM »
Our order states each to have their own wardrobe.

But  a great place to find stuff is consignment shops. You can get a ton of stuff for dirt cheap. Perfectly good too. Since they grow out of it so fast I think it's a perfect sollution.

Besides I prefer my SD to wear our stuff. Because one time she got a grass stain on her knees and her mother wrote us a letter requesting money for the ruined clothes. So best to have your own, to avoid problems like that.

Also, what she wears from her moms to our house, we simply wash and have her wear back when she goes back. So our clothes don't go over there and disappear.

No I do not want them to calculate my income. But it seemed as if they were doing it  somehow. With our joint taxes, and wanting my W-2's. What choice did I have if it was court ordered that I provide it?

Next time I will black it out.

Bio-Mother is capable of making +60K a year. Much more then my DH and I combined. She simply chooses not to work, and blames him for not being able to find gainful employment.

Long story-short, She tried to move herself and my step daughter to another state for a job opportunity. But court poo-pooed it. but it was suggested by the court she move back to Ohio if she wanted any custody of their child. So she did. But now says she can't find a job.

Blames the father because of the father Sued for custody and forced her to stay in a place that was not career friendly for her, and has been unable to find work in Ohio.

Ohio is not bad for employment, and she has 2 Masters, and two bacelors, I would think she can find something suitable.

Child Support Issues / RE: Child Support-child is not mine
« on: May 21, 2004, 11:39:51 AM »
I can't even believe that. How is that fair.

I would think you could get that set right.

Can you work something out with the ex wife? A divorce out of kit or something?

When you say input her wages, she doesn't ahve any. Do you mean input the grandmothers? Since she has been supporting her?

They requested my W-2 through the courts. I refused, and they said it was "part of our my DH's taxes", and I had to give it up. I was mad. None of her beeswwax what MY wages are.

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