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Custody Issues / Re: Being accused of molestation???
« on: Jul 15, 2017, 07:42:43 AM »
When he's connected -- remember your time, you rules, YOUR time to parent.

Custody Issues / Re: Being accused of molestation???
« on: Jul 12, 2017, 01:55:04 PM »
ditto to all that.

Custody Issues / Re: Being accused of molestation???
« on: Jul 12, 2017, 05:19:25 AM »
Such a sad word we all live in.....when tickling is turned around like that.

Print, file, screen shot, and move on.  Enjoy your vacation and limit your communication with the real abuser which is the other side for taking something simple and fun and trying to turn it into something ugly.

She sounds manipulative and like a real winner -- chicken dinner! -- you really do have a handle on this whether you realize it or not.

I think your responses to your son show this....

Have some faith in your gut responses which are focused on the children and what's right for everyone.

Custody Issues / Re: GAL Question
« on: Jun 10, 2017, 05:10:08 AM »
I would say yes too.

GAL represents the children.

ALSO what you can share with the GAL as evidence where the rules of evidence are concerned is much more lenient...not like sharing evidence in a courtroom.

Ocean and Tigger are giving you great advice.

I too would say stand your ground.  Half of free is free to you too because it's focused on the child.

Thanks the update!!  Hope things keep going in the right direction -- and that your kids are seeing the truth.  THAT's always a really good sign that you have  great relationship with them.

I would hear words like that too....

I kinda agree with this.

As the kids get older, their needs change, and the parents need to be more flexible.

SO....you two were trying to co-parent and cooperate....and in good faith, you came to a mutual agreement to change the terms of parenting time this one time.

Courts like parents who cooperate.....

And that's why I think you have a leg to stand on no matter what.

When the whole situation becomes filled with tension -- and one parent becomes a PITA - like a custodial parent who interferes, denies time, plays the mind games, then that's a different story.  But again, now you know.  And next time she asks to switch time, make sure the kids get their time with their dad first....

Be cooperative, but protective at the same time.

Is the extra four days at the beginning or end of your normal time with the kids?

If it's at the end, I'd simply continue with your plans and say "you agreed to this and showed intent to agree by using Memorial Day weekend" 

And from here on out, never agree to a change until YOU get the time first and then she can have the time she wants afterwards.....because she can't be trusted.

Father's Issues / Re: So child is 15 now...
« on: May 09, 2017, 06:03:09 AM »
Well, this weekend coming up is Mother's Day....so scratch that one too.

When you get a text like that -- see if child will agree to you coming there and simply doing lunch. 

In your texts to mom, you have to be consistent and say I disagree that this is a good choice, period.

See if you can line up a mid-week dinner....it's a lot of driving, but this is your child.  Gas is not that expensive, time flies and they are emancipated....time to make some adjustments to see if you can turn this around.

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