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Moms Without Custody / RE: Since you mentioned it...
« on: Mar 01, 2005, 03:42:00 AM »
I am a full time stepmom .. I see this all the time.. I am at a loss of wht to say I do not want to correct the child when on the phone with her I feel it may cross boundaries and upset her worse ( mom )

Maybe just maybe it is not encouraged... kids play one against the other all the time... you probably dont want to talk to SM and I understand that ... but maybe it would help the situation?

of course I do not know the situation there so I cannot be sure but just a thought

Moms Without Custody / RE: Which way to go?
« on: Oct 20, 2004, 06:08:38 PM »
We went through this issue and I want to be clear  our order says from the time school gets out until 8pm and the judge stated that meant she could pick them up at the time school releases from the school and that it shuld go without saying, if school releases early she gets them at that time....If there is no school she can pick them up from our home at the time that school would normally release..

The judge said this should go without saying.. SO my advice be at the school wed. morning with a copy of the order make sure you are on the list to pick up and have the office inform the children to report to the office where you will be waiting when school releases from this point on ...on wednesdays you be there and pick them up and have the order with you on hand every time AND have a copy filed at the school in their records.

« on: Jul 01, 2005, 03:35:29 AM »

if you are uncomfortable with talking to the parents you should call someone ...the child needs help, you as a responsable adult who sees that and  also know he is screaming for it...

you know we have always been friends here and I am in no way attacking you nor was I in my last post there are a lot of things that can cause a child to kill an animal and one of them is abuse...is that a possibility?

« on: Jun 30, 2005, 05:20:16 AM »
Dont assume that since you havent seen the parents that they dont care..I would tell them...better I would make him go to his house with me and make him tell them...but thats me

Killing animals is a sign that the child may have Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Those with ODD often grow up to be adults with anti-social personality disorder or sociopathic (not sure what the fine line is from one to the other because they are both very bad).

My son is ODD/ADHD/OCD....he has been in counseling since age 4...he has never hurt an animal....

Dear Socrateaser / Hey Soc
« on: Jul 01, 2007, 07:48:53 AM »
How do I go about collecting moms share of medical bills.?

I have paid the bills in full and given her copies of the reciepts and she says that is not proof...what do I need to give her or have I already done what I need to do ?

this is in the state of Virginia

Dear Socrateaser / soc can you help me with this
« on: Aug 09, 2006, 08:02:32 AM »
There is a 72 camaro on my property with no motor ...it has been here 7 years that I have been here...I want to title it..and keep it...the virginia law says

"Notify the owner(s) and lienholder(s) by registered or certified mail of the location of the vehicle and that if it is not claimed within 30 days (or if a manufactured or mobile home, 120 days), it is your intention to apply for a Virginia title."

How do I write this letter? can you help me with a letter?

Can I charge a storage fee should they decide no pick it up ( since it is a split bumper all original except the motor) to keep them from wanting to?

thanks a bunch

Dear Socrateaser / RE: need some help with this
« on: Jul 18, 2006, 12:20:59 PM »
137 times is very sad but no motion to clarify...I have several motion to ammend review ...will do what dipper did and see how it goes : )

thanks a bunch

Dear Socrateaser / RE: need some help with this
« on: Jul 18, 2006, 12:19:43 PM »

Dear Socrateaser / need some help with this
« on: Jul 18, 2006, 05:47:46 AM »
Hiya Soc,

I have been searching for a sample Motion to clarify order..and am having no luck. I need to know if you have one or know where to locate one. I am in the state of Virginia.

Our new court order (5-31-06) is very vague leaving a huge amount of room for arguement. And we need to have a few of the times and dates for some holidays clarified so that there is no room for arguement.

in 7 years we have been to court 137 times so I feel it is very important so as not to waste courts time on petty arguements that could be avoided in the future.

Thanks for all you do


Dear Socrateaser / I need your wisdom
« on: Dec 11, 2005, 01:44:10 PM »
this is for a friend..

I believe that I am right on this ...If the custody evaluation and GAL report are in and you do not recieve a copy ...you can go to the court house and get them..or at least I know here we have always been able to do so ...

a friend of mine went to the courthouse to get a copy of his and was told he was not allowed to see it or get a copy of it ...

is there anything he can do ...doesn't he have a right to see it ....?

his ex wife already has a copy as does her attorney..

the case is in OHIO he flew up from texas to see child and to get copies of this ...hearing is in January

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