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How would the state of Wash Child support find a Bank account , Do they have to know what bank the NCP Banks at? or can they do a state wide search ?
  I am the NCP , Self employed in construction , DSHS Took My last dollar and now I will have bounced check fee's ,
   I need to be able to Bank Untill I at least have a try at a modification , My Income is cut in Half ,

Washington State Forum / RE: My SON WAS TAKEN FROM ME
« on: Oct 24, 2005, 01:26:17 AM »
post on socrateaseer board !
  I am In pierce county I used John  mills he use to be the devoted dads atty : Secondly you need a job so don't get depressed and get a job

I'm not really going to answer your questions because I Haven't had your problem ,
  But I have a couple comments , I'm pretty sure that if you just Agrre and go to sign off on the divorce then there won't really be much asked ,
     Secondly < In a very nice way You should get a parenting plan filed , This sort of insures that You have [residential time] with Your kid  , Just in case she later changes her mind on the issues then You Have something in writing in a parenting plan that gives you the rights to your son , Be very nice ,

Child Support Issues / Health insurance wash state
« on: Jul 22, 2004, 04:52:42 PM »
Here is the scene Went to court and got the orders all straight .  I am the Dad , And at that time mom had health insurance . And filled out declarations stating that she had insurance and it was uneccessary for me to get a credit for having it because she has it , according to dept of child support  ,Mom has dropped her insurance with out notifying me , And has now asked for the dept of child support to enforce the child health insurance provision wich  Asks if I can get health insurance for less that 125$ per month , Does any one know how this works , Obviously there are many types of health insurance , Some are just major medical . Some are The big picture with  little deductible and everything is coverd , Any one have any input on this ,

Well I was raised in the country . And we butchered Animals ,
  Of course as a child I wanted to help My dad , And I slit throats , Chopped the heads off chickens , And shot deer , Butchered them alll !!!!
    I'm Not A psychologyst My self , But I hardly know a boy from the country that didn't kill something . And I know of an Unliked Dog  or two that was chasing other peoplels live stock that met His demise ,
   I really think you need to separate the issues here ,
    When I was a boy We heard a cat had nine lives and could land on there feet , So a couple cats were thrown off the barn ,
  Then there was a cat that was stuck in a tree that we could in no way climb to rescue the cat and after three days or so we Removed it with out thirty caliber rifles ,
   Let me tell ya < I am not really a psycho . As a matter of fact have a huge respect for what guns do when they are pointed at a liveing thing . I certainly would not want any one < No matter what type of enemy they were to have there brains fly out like a butchered pig cow deer Or other wise , ,
  SOOO the psycho theory over killiong a cat is like < you guys are way out there ! . Instead of condemning the child over the issue I Suggest you try to figure out what the heck he was thinking , Was this like a One time thing ,
   I think the question is did he do it for pleasure ?
 And you will never find that answer by condemning him ,
Sometimes You all may see me as blunt or rude . BUT Before you all go into a drama about it , I would try to """ TALK''' to this child .
   I once ran over a chicken with My bike While chasing them around . And of course we hid the dead chicken
 Maybe there is some realistic explanation

Shrink Rap / RE: Rorschach
« on: Sep 16, 2005, 04:40:25 PM »
There's a post in general issues tittled .  "Update on GAL" . There are a number of posts in there About psych eval questions , If you are taking the Rorshach . you will be likely to take other test's with it ,
    My opinion . All the evals are a joke

Dear Socrateaser / RE: What to file
« on: May 11, 2006, 11:55:44 PM »
OK The counselor left Me a message stateing that it is Her policy to only communicate in writing when this type of custody situation is involved with her as the counselor , And said how the situation is  full of conflicting views ,etc
   So My problem is this ,
  I have recieved some coiunseling info , But is is from approx 12/1/05 to 3/25/06
  My son has told me about counseling for some time using the nameof the counselor so I reasonably believ this is not all the records ,
     To Me There doesn't seem to be any issue with my son  ;
    I suspect the mother is trying to take my son to get the counselor to verify something against Me . There is nothing Period :
    Next ;It appears My son has benifited from this because Mom has stopped bad mouthing Me since aboutwhen the counseling started , I think this is likely to because he told the counselor Mom Hates Dad , Because he told me that also ,
   1; What would you advise ?
I certainly don't want to continue any thing that will be fruitless ;
   2 Has there been much ever derived from useing the court to
ask for ALL the records ,
   3 Should I modify the Parenting plan to say I should or. will be involved with counseling of my son including open conversations with the counselor ?
  4 Or should I just drop it ?

Dear Socrateaser / What to file
« on: May 09, 2006, 11:29:07 PM »
 Dear Socrateaser :'
    Custodial Mom Has signed a release for  My son's counseling records :
   The counselor wrote me a letter that stated that Mom Released these records , And a release to communicate with me In writing only , And thats why 'she will not talk to me on the phone or respond to my calls or set an appointment with me' ,
   I disagree ,  I would like to dialog with the counselor ,
   My son is six Years old , there is no restrictions in the parenting plan .
    I called her atty and asked if He thought it would do any good to send him info And have it forwarded to her through him ,
  He said they "haven't talked for a Looong time ", with the extra   ooo's as written in long And said " I was talking to the choir " And that "you should talk to her "
   1: What do I file to get the Custodial Mom to give me a complete release of counseling records , And ability to talk to counselor in person About My son ?
Any other thoughts about the atty saying that. like maybe she didn't pay the bill ?
  any one that has filed this I wash state I also posted on general issues

Dear Socrateaser / RE: Teen threatening to refuse a visit
« on: Mar 08, 2006, 12:47:39 AM »
kid's get pretty testy in normal families when they start getting to this age  And want to do there own thing ,
   Quit thinking this is out of the ordinary , Ask your self what kid that age would rather hang with friends or be with there super cool parents ,
   My parents liked Hee Haw, and  the Lawrence Welk Show, And I was into AC DC ,Led Zeplin ,Horseback riding ,base ball, soccer and wrestling , My parent's and ther Tv Programs were way to un cool ,

Dear Socrateaser / couseling
« on: Feb 06, 2006, 02:36:31 AM »
I am non custodial dad , Mom Has been taking son to couseling and has not told me any thing about this ,
   My son has no problems that need to be addressed by a counselor ,
 Mom is a manipulative , And got the GAl and Psych evaluater to believe things that are not true about me By outright lying False allegations ,and trickery . And in the past my son told me" Mom kept him awake all night "to get him to tell the GAL exagerations of things that happened ,
   trial is over case is settled ,
   However I am reasonably sure Mom can't stop trying to undermine me  and has some thing she will be trying to convince the couselor to report or do,
  My son had been and is now telling me about this counselor and how they play with puppets etc and talk ,
  Again this worries me as too what this is all about !

  1 is there any thing I need to do ?
    2 should I talk to the counselor ?
       The reason this bothers me is she has already went the direction of trying to accuse me of being a pedophile . Briefly the result was I passed Polygraph testing , She failed , the issue was swept under the carpet and mom then went to play it off like this was just a little mistake .
    so you better believe I am a little leary of this play therapy my 7 Yo son has been going too !
    3 Any thought's about this type of thing ?
   4 should I make this counselor aware of this history of allegations ?
  5 Can I request copies of the couseling records ?

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