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Dear Socrateaser / RE: Went to contempt hearing today
« on: Nov 03, 2005, 08:00:52 PM »
    #1  Is it Ok If some of us others post our support on this ?
  I will for now untill you say it's not Ok
   My atty explains the process you just went through , It's not a loss, it's a step across the courts process :
   My Atty explians " The judge doesn't know who to believe in these cases when there is He said She said testimony " AND " the judge does not go out and see what is true or not "
   Atty goes on to say " Thats why ( WASH STATE )  The court will want to appoint a Guardian Ad litem On Behalf of Minor child < And Untill the Guardian investigates and reports the findings to the court , the court will do very little , " " Because " Atty Say's , " The  Judge will not order the children to go to an AXE Murderers house and have KING 5 News at the court doing a report on that judge , So the judge relies on the , Investigation and recomendation of the GAL , SO It seems like a loss ,
   You are not useing a GAL but ,the opinion of the school counselor ,
    As Socrateaser and My atty said , Go More so to show you are a good parent and less so to show the other parent is bad :
  SOOO When the GAL reported that I should have supervised visits , My atty went to court with that report and I got supervised visits .
  Then when the GAL reported that The visit superviser said "I did well with My son and had toy's, food diapers ,ready to care for him ", My visits Moved to a normal schedule ,
   In Washington this is normal , You just don't want a report like one I heard of, that said " Dad was more concerned with his gangster friends meanwhile the child was unsupervised "
   Again Hope this is OK in your forum SOC<

Dear Socrateaser / Parenting plan
« on: Oct 24, 2005, 01:13:30 AM »
Already posted ': I have an answer from you
  The second part of parenting plan modification question
 The plan states at 1st grade winter vacation is reviewable
 You wrote :'" For parenting plan modification  I have to show it is in the best interest of the child :
   Don't laugh : It seems the court would see this But it seems a laughing matter
  So I am trying to get a direction on what My modification will say  for how it is in the best interest
   First :
1  What do I do to show the best interest ?
2 : Just write why I think so In My declaration ?

 Here's My Idea ,Remember I said don't laugh at a argument that should be plain and valid !
  So Is this a valid reason?
4 Because Boy's should have more time with  a dad that love's them ?
5 Because  the winter Chum salmon run is on and My son likes to catch fish with me ?
  See what I mean Maybe these are not on the right page, But it seems logical to me ,As I have many memories of salmon fishing with My Dad And its seems to be .  Recreational salmon fishing is in the better interest because its a good ole Male thing to do , And he likes it and its a good role model as far as doing recreational things :
   The reason I say don't laugh is because it seems to me often times the court doesn't look at simple reality :  Boy's need Dads " And this is a free Un oppressed nation :
  But when dealing with the court there seems to be a different set of reasoning, Not way out there , But in a way different than common sense
  A further explanation is Very few women fish , Or teach a boy to be a sportsman ; or understand boyish behavior
  Wich is equivocal to Me teaching a girl how to use her Barby Dress up Toy's :
  My entire commentation seems to be a logical reason for me to have winter break
    6 does any of my post provied a reason in the best interest ?


Dear Socrateaser / same result as decent dad
« on: Oct 16, 2005, 11:17:49 PM »
My atty recomended a Video recorder . Surveilance = good behavior And the end of problems at the transfer !

Dear Socrateaser / parenting plan .
« on: Oct 09, 2005, 10:34:12 PM »
There are a couple of parenting Plan  issues I would like to simplify :
   This is an example of last year
   Before Xmas I   have My Thursday  three hour visit , And then  My   weekend , was On the weekend of Xmas ; So son comes over Thursday , Goes home : Comes over friday Goes to moms xmas eve . Stays at moms  Xmas Day till 7pm and then comes back to my house , As Holiday schedule states a Holiday is over at 7Pm , Goes to moms 5Pm Next day  Sunday,
 There are a couple of Issues like this that makes for a bunch of driveing , Last year mom agreed to a more reasonable schedual ,
    As odd as it is ,the GAl recomended Holidays to not be overnight , then at 1st grade Summers graduate to 4 weeks,And there is a provision that say's ( Winter school vacation) can be revisited at 1st grade  ; I would like to Have my son more during winter because My work is a bit slower in the winter , And very busy in the summer Because I now do more intereior carpentry , And people don't do much remodel work near the holidays ,
I am In Pierce county washington

1, How do I change minor issues in a parenting plan after a Judge has
 signed off ?

2: Or should I just wait till these other issues with 1st grade come into play and bring all the changes up at the same time ?
3 : Is there any suggestion you have ?
4: Is the court only going to address the Issue the parenting plan say's could be addressed at the first grade ?

Dear Socrateaser / I went
« on: Sep 29, 2005, 10:57:29 PM »
Sometimes you have to try to think of the better picture , Or the better of two evils " You are in this " You married into it !
  I went to the couseling and was  as decent as I can be < And the counselor didn't even let any thing go towards An argument etc , If your husband goes And acts like an adult there will be a good report for him ,
   Secondly you said " My husband doesn't have a problem with this " Maybe you should let him go to a couple sessions , My deal was " Both of us paid for half the costs . And you won't be stuck with the whole bill "And your husband should ask that she pay all of it !  
   The best thing that could happen is your husband act's like a gentlman and gets a good outcome and report from counseling . And it becomes clear who's trying to cause trouble !
    I remarried and My  wife tried to interject into my situation and my choice was listen to her or do what I think is right for my son >
   I divorced her too , I have principles And nothing will ever Stand in between me and what I know is right ! Maybe your husband is not as clear on that as  I am ,

Dear Socrateaser / Dishonest GAL
« on: Jan 13, 2004, 03:10:29 AM »

     The GAL In my case has distorted information  that I gave her , I have found that there have been other cases she has done this on and Have spoke to one person that filed a grievance , the grievance achieved nothing , Even though he and his wife were witness to different info
      1 , If I file a grievance can there be repercussions as far as My relationship to my child ? [ Although My case has been to trial]

      2, who reviews a grievance? [ Pierce county superior court ]
        washinton state
      3 Is there any other avenue to handle a Bad GAL?
      4 , Would there be any use to all of the affected people to file together
      5 would there be any use to a group effort through an atty

Parenting Issues / boy's and punching
« on: Oct 16, 2005, 11:05:52 PM »
Ok Here's the deal , I come from a rough and tumble family .  Hard sports are in !
   SOOOS My record 12 -5-7by KO
  Ok So I teach My son to punch , He is 6 yo ,  But Encourage this as a sport with boxing gloves on , He is quite coordinated , And caught on quite well ,I have friends and their children also have the gloves on a bit , I also wrestled , And kick boxed and teach Him How to rough house , He has quite an advantage ,
   The problem is He seems to derive power out of it and take advantage  Of other kids his age ,
  I absolutely do not Teach him that it is Ok to Be  Mean ,  I teach and rough house with him , and reinforce the sporting nature of it all ,
   And specifically Tell him not to rough up other kids ,
    He  tends to go the wrong direction with it . I don't think this is way out of the ordinary , Many Dads wrestle with their boys ,
 My deal is just a little on the skilled side ,
   So what do ya think as far as how to make the distinction? , I have talked to him a few times and he seems to get it , But then once in a while he gets kind of rough with other kids , He seems to want to win ,

Parenting Issues / RE: right on the age....
« on: Oct 02, 2005, 11:43:41 PM »
I went to a parenting class . The teacher told me if Mom And I were not on the same page as a united front , This child [My stepdaughter ) would play games  . She did and I divorced her  mom  < I could not take it , The mother [ex wife ] constantly took step daughters side And SD would smirk all over the house , When she got away with being a crap head , So I told the  Soon to be ex this has to straighten out or you have to go < She went . I told them both to hit the road ! I won't be disrespected By a child and have zero back up from the mother ! .
  This is a tough problem , Maybe  a tape recording will help  the father to understand the problem , If not, just tell the Dad its his visitation time he needs to watch her : Or just come up with other things to do "
  I will garuntee as the parenting class teacher told me " if you and the mother can't get it together as a united force the child will cause a divorce < and  That was a big part of it ,
  Maybe explain it to dad , And say look if You can't be united as adults on this than he will have to be the one to parent the child !  Teenagers are tough to deal with and if you have no control than its unbearable BTDT

Parenting Issues / RE: comments?
« on: Sep 12, 2005, 06:47:27 PM »
the above post is correct , My case has been through some similar things , And the  CHILD WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE ! And the minute she denies visits . File contempt , There has to be immediate reactions to these types , Secondly , When I say good things about the mother to my son , It seems to have A much more winning effect , My son is clearly sick of his mother saying things about me , And I have found I get great favoritism , By not doing that crap , And Kids realise way more than you think . At first I reacted , And said a couple things in front of my son , But then I changed , And My son IS not confused at all about who's causeing the trouble here ,
 If you involve your self it's very confuseing to the child ,
 So I spend My time doing projects from the hobby store , Bowling etc ,
  Last but not least , YOU WANT To GIVE her a wake up call ?
  Have some one stand off to the side and video tape and catch this crap a few times , Then tell the camera operater to step out once , And say , You sure you want to be doing that kind of stuff !
   I video taped for similar reasons , And the BS stopped at the transfer , It seems to make them behave , And it makes them think you are serious , And they will get the bill from their atty when they have to call and  Ask if you can do it or not , My atty told me to do it , And said there doesn't even have to be any film in it < She will make a point of it And then you can bring it up at trial , As to why she doesn't want the tapes etc , Thats exactly what I did , As I was told to talk about to the judge , And My atty said the Judge got the point , It tells who's doing what

Parenting Issues / getting them to eat their vegetables
« on: Jul 23, 2005, 12:22:20 AM »
Alright it's self explanatory , Any Idea's about getting them to eat vegetables ,
   The age old battle

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