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Texas State Forum / Can I take my kids out of TX?
« on: Jul 12, 2009, 01:59:56 PM »
I need to leave my husband.  I have an opportunity at the end of July to move back to MA.  Is it illegal for me to take them and not return?  I have no job, no money and cannot take the abuse any longer.  I have no family here in TX and have a wonderful home at my Dad's that he is offering.  What are the legalities on this?  Thanks

General Issues / Re: moving across state lines with kids?
« on: Jul 12, 2009, 01:51:52 PM »
Thanks so much for the quick responses! 

I was trying to keep m,y post short and sweet.  LOL So much for that.  ;)

We married about 3 yrs ago.  Have been together for over 10.  We have 2 children (5 and 8).  We separated once when our oldest was 18 months.  He hit me and I had charges filed.  We were separated for about 6 months.  It was glorious and much easier bc we were not married at the time and I had a job.  Now I am mother of 2 and a SAHM.

He weaseled his way back into my life and we ended up with another child.  We married a year or so later not because marriage was ever in my mind, but bc I needed a surgery and his health ins would not take me unless we were legally married.  Off to the courthouse we went.

I cannot leave my kids here.  The one credit right now I can give him is that he works his butt off.  But, that being said, my kids only see him on his day off which is Saturday.  I am the sole caretaker of the children.  He loves them, but does not know how to handle them as well.  ie.  Last week I ran an errand and turns out he left and went to work leaving them home alone.  thank God they were only alone for about 10 minutes and my 8 year old is a smart cookie and locked the doors and immediately called me.  When I asked him what happened he just had no excuse...he is not used to being responisble for them.  He would never intentionally do this, and I believe him.

He is very mentally abusive and controlling with me.  He tells me that all he cares about is sex and basketball.  it's just a sad existance.  I have no desire for him at all, but try to have sex a few times a week to satisfy his appetite.  i just clsoe my eyes....I really have no friends here left in TX.  No job.  I am pretty isolated.  I have no family here.  They are all in MA.  In MA I have a place to live at my father's house and some strong job possibilities once school is back in session.

I can't do this anymore.  I am exhausted.  My kids are seeing this relationship and how unhealthy it is and I do NOT want them repeating this cycle.  They would be better off never marrying than the way things are now.

I cannot do this alone.  I am not strong enough.  my dad has offered his home to me and the kids.  If they lived next door to me in TX I would do it...but unfortunately they live in another state.

So much more to this, but they are all so stupid and trivial.  They add to this in every way.  i have lost friends bc of him.  No one understands why I deal with his crap like I do.  And strangley enough, he thinks I don't do enough.  it's sad.

General Issues / moving across state lines with kids?
« on: Jul 12, 2009, 12:24:53 PM »
Hello all.  I think I may have hit rock bottom in my marriage and finally getting the guts to leave.  I have this opportunity to go at the end of July.  We live in TX with our 2 school age kids.  i am from MA and will be going there with the kids in a couple of weeks.  I am thinking of staying.

What are the legalities if any about taking kids over state lines and not retuning?  If it makes any difference he is not a citizen of the US just a legal resident.

Any info is appreciated.  I am at a loss.

Thank you

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