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It basically means get a provision in your order forbidding the mother's to take the children out of county/state/country without your express written permission. Something of that nature. To protect the children from suddenly being whisked away from you yet again.

Visitation Issues / Re: visitation during infancy
« on: Sep 07, 2009, 09:39:45 PM »
you need to find your states putative father registry and sign it. Then you need to take her to court to establish paternity, otherwise you have NO rights and she can do whatever she wants. Trust me, I learned the hard way. Offer support during her pregnancy, even if she refuses it. Continually offer it and document EVERYTHING to show proof that were at least attempted to be there for the child prenatally. Document any money you give her but understand that the court may (and probably will) consider it a gift unless/until support is ordered. Fight for EQUAL rights for your child, both physically and legally, and get a clause put in your parenting order that keeps her from moving out of the area with the child without your express written agreement.

Visitation Issues / Re: I am new here.
« on: Aug 20, 2009, 03:41:16 PM »
As long as you don't use your real names, you will remain anonymous.

So,  from your original post what I understand is ... you are the father of a child?

Were you ever married to the mother?  I am guessing not, but please specify.

Has paternity testing ever been completed and through that testing, were you established legally as the father?

That is VERY important because if you were not married and no paternity has been established, you (in many states) are not legally the father and have no rights.

Has a child support order even been established? What state? Where (if you know) is Mom/child now (what state) and what state are you in?  Have any court orders ever been done? Any motions in court?

If paternity was never established with any court, I am sorry to tell you the likelihood of any court removing the child from Mom and giving you custody is very unlikely.

But, we really need a much more clear picture from you regarding several factors. 

Yes, I am the father of a child, the mother and I were never married. Paternity was never established at birth bc I lived out of state when baby was born, and when I returned, she refused to submit child for dna testing and paternity establishment. I sought help from the courts (in FL originally) and was told there was nothing I could do without her cooperation (I learned years later this wasn't true). When I discovered I could bring suit against her and force establishment, someone I thought was a friend told her, and she fled the state. Didn't know at the time I could still petition in the state and force her to return... When I finally found her in Ohio, I had her served with paternity papers there. Paternity and support was established at my pursuing, and I got a parenting order that's even worse than the EOW screwjob. I want my child. I am tired of my child and I both being played like marionettes. They are treated like incapable, weak, incompetent in that house; mediocrity is rewarded with no push to be better... It infuriates me and I am desperate to learn what I can do to make their life better...

Visitation Issues / Re: I am new here.
« on: Jul 30, 2009, 09:49:40 PM »
Yes, I am the father, and yes I was legally established as the father via the paternity test. No I was never married to the Mother. Child support has been ordered and payments are already in affect, I was the one that instigated the paternity test and child support, bc she was was filing for me in a state that she knew I did not live so she was able to continue drawing medicaid.

No we are preparing to go back to court to adjust the visitation that is set forth in the parenting order. Right now it states up to 2 days a week supervised, and unlimited electronic means of communication. set that it is the basic visitation set forth by our county, with a slight adjustment to add 3 days a week with every other weekend.

Visitation Issues / Re: I am new here.
« on: Jul 30, 2009, 01:10:49 PM »
I'm sorry, I'm new to message boards and am not sure what information to put out in order to get the advice and help I'm looking for... maybe if someone could give me an idea so I can get the hang of this? I am frustrated, hurt and confused and it helps to know I'm not alone in my struggle...

Visitation Issues / I am new here.
« on: Jul 27, 2009, 02:31:01 PM »
Due to the sneaky nature of my childs mother I will try to give as much info with out giving any at all. Hopefully you all wil be able to give some advice and not get to confused lol. After several years I was able to track down the mother and serve her with paternity orders, once that was established our suck wad lawyer screwed us with the parenting order, where just a few words left us with our nuts in a hand basket. The only thing we really had going for us is the electronic means of communication which is unlimited. We have started our journals and we have also been keeping emails transcribing text messages and recording conversations with the other side. We have just been recommended to a new lawyer who seems to be pretty decent from the conversation I had with him today....
The mother, likes to play games... she hid for a couple of years, stalked me to make sure our paths never crossed, tapped into some mutual friends/aquaintances to find out more to when and where I will be. Once things were progressing she would bounce between several addresses in different counties to prolong the court experience.
What I am looking for ultimately is full Custody of my child. We are starting our next step by getting a solid visitation plan in order then allowing for a couple of years of continuous tracking of phones emails and texts to show constant contempt and lack of interest for the well being of our child will we start another endeavor into the pits of hell known as court.
Any advice or short cuts I will be more than glad to accept. personal stories, so on so forth. I do apologize for the intense level of anonymity. Thank you.

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