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Visitation Issues / I am new here.
« on: Jul 27, 2009, 01:31:01 PM »
Due to the sneaky nature of my childs mother I will try to give as much info with out giving any at all. Hopefully you all wil be able to give some advice and not get to confused lol. After several years I was able to track down the mother and serve her with paternity orders, once that was established our suck wad lawyer screwed us with the parenting order, where just a few words left us with our nuts in a hand basket. The only thing we really had going for us is the electronic means of communication which is unlimited. We have started our journals and we have also been keeping emails transcribing text messages and recording conversations with the other side. We have just been recommended to a new lawyer who seems to be pretty decent from the conversation I had with him today....
The mother, likes to play games... she hid for a couple of years, stalked me to make sure our paths never crossed, tapped into some mutual friends/aquaintances to find out more to when and where I will be. Once things were progressing she would bounce between several addresses in different counties to prolong the court experience.
What I am looking for ultimately is full Custody of my child. We are starting our next step by getting a solid visitation plan in order then allowing for a couple of years of continuous tracking of phones emails and texts to show constant contempt and lack of interest for the well being of our child will we start another endeavor into the pits of hell known as court.
Any advice or short cuts I will be more than glad to accept. personal stories, so on so forth. I do apologize for the intense level of anonymity. Thank you.

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