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Custody Issues / Re: Temp change in custody
« on: Aug 05, 2009, 07:18:37 AM »
I would keep recording, as long as it is legal (consent laws and all that jazz). It is additional evidence of how BM is treating SD and serves to show that SD should be with you instead of her and that BM is probably going to emotionally abuse SD if she retains custody of SD as pay back for SD wanting to live with dad.

General Issues / Re: What age is okay to stay home alone?
« on: Aug 03, 2009, 10:34:13 AM »
You say he is staying only 8 miles away? Does he ride a bike? For me, 8 miles does not seem like a very long bike ride, perhaps he could ride his bike to your house in the mornings, just require him to be at the house by a certain time, or dad is coming looking for him and will tear him a new one if he is late because he was screwing around instead of riding.

I also agree, get ROFR added to the custody arrangement. I don't think 11 years old is an appropriate age to be left alone if the child is not mature enough and lives in a "bad" neighborhood... especially when another adult is willing to take him during the day.

General Issues / Re: BM took SD as a deduction on her taxes
« on: Aug 03, 2009, 10:25:36 AM »
I don't think we would send a letter either, just causes more "crap" as my husband would say.  If you have the legal paperwork to suport your claim I would just proceed as directed by the IRS.

Any chance that step daughter claimed herself?  If that is the case I can see this going down differently, which means dad still might end up paying.

Good Luck! And Congratulations!  Sounds like the child support part is over..... My husband is counting the days.....

I have been in this situation. When I turned 18, was in the military (Active Duty) and stationed up in AK, I went to file my taxes. One of the first questions they asked me was if ANYONE ELSE could claim me as a dependent for that year. Since I was living at home with my mother for part of the year (8 months of high school and summer vacation before shipping for basic training), I had to mark that on my tax return so that I could NOT claim myself since my mother was legally entitled to using me as a deduction since she had supported me. Had I claimed myself, my mother would have been able to have the IRS force me to file an amendment so that she could have the deduction, or sue me.

Illinois State Forum / Re: How do we get father's more rights?
« on: Aug 02, 2009, 07:06:39 PM »
Let me know who to address them to, and I will write letters too!! I am originally from IL, born and raised there, but had been away for 8 years because of mine and my ex husband's military service, went back from 06-08 on military orders and my new husband is another active duty service member from IL who got screwed by the IL court system! We have relocated from IL due to new military orders, but still claim IL as our home of residence and his stuff for his daughter still goes through there.

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