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Father's Issues / Please help in Denton County
« on: Jul 29, 2009, 07:11:43 AM »
Newbie here and need some help.
Non married couple been living together for 4 years, have 2 boys...5 year old (not biologically mine, not adopted), 16 mo old (mine).  Mom does not work, has no car and no residence (other than the one we have together).  She recently filed for disability for an old injury to her back (very minor), social anxiety and BiPolar.
I was served with child support papers and our discussion turned into an argument one week ago yesterday.  This issue that I had was the "conservatorship", all I did was let her know that we needed to have shared custody,,,,,she was completely against it, saying that it would affect the payment amount.  I told her that I would let the court know that my only issue was the conservatorship and I would stipulate to any support amount that I could afford.  She was having none of that, the argument went on and on til we just went into separate rooms.
3 hours later she is asking if they could go spend the night at her moms so they can go to a waterpark the next day.  The next day, everything is normal except (we had been having car issues) she says that she had to put the car in the shop and didn't get to go.....asked if it was okay to stay over there and go to the waterpark on Thursday.  Thursday was a normal day of contact....phone calls, messaging back and forth, etc.
When I get home from work on Thursday, she has moved all of her stuff (and the kid's) out of our residence.
She informs me that she has taken the kids away because she "knows what I've been doing".  I find out that she took the younger child to the ER Wednesday morning saying that I had sexually abused him.
I was contacted by a CPS worker Friday at noon.  She says she just got the case and had a few questions for me......She called me again Yesterday morning and told me that she is closing the case.  Yes, the case was open for a day and a half.  She says that the children have NOT been abused, but that the mother was very adamant about wanting me to be arrested.
I would like to know if anyone can provide advice.....
What can I do to see my child if she refuses to let me see him under any conditions?  Is there a document that I can file before we have our child support hearing?
Has anyone dealt with usfamilyadvocates.com??  They want to do the paperwork for my hearings and then I would take those forms down to the court clerk and file them myself.  I would be acting Pro Se (represent myself)....just giving the written arguments to the judge I guess.  I have spoken with Jeremy McCready and some guy named Rory.

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