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Our judge read every email/text and based his decision upon them.  It's a pain but in my experience having more written communication versus verbal was a help for me during trial.  My son's father practically lied about everything on the stand and then had to back peddle and dig himself out when my attorney presented these written communications. 
I'd recommend documenting everything and hang in there!  Be the better parent and explain to your daughter as best you can it's not her fault.

We had a temp order that started the same day as the conciliation.  The temp order first ordered us to a mediator and if we couldn't work it out then it went to a pre-trial conference in front of the judge.  The judge decided at that time if there was a need for a trial, keep the temp order or modify it somehow.
Ours lasted from 3/31/09 conciliation thru 12/2/09 trial and he's already filed for a modification already because he isn't happy with the trial outcome.  Takes a long time.
Wouldn't be in the best interest of the children for her to do that even though she can - can't imagine a judge would think highly of it either.

Father's Issues / Re: Hold Harmless?
« on: Jan 01, 2010, 08:32:41 AM »
We use to do a Hold Harmless in real estate - if someone wanted to move personal belongings into a property before settlement they had to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement, stated that if anything happened to the real estate the loss of personal belongings would NOT be the responsibility of the current homeowner.
I'd have to agree with MB and phil.  If it's joint they can still try to collect from both but if you eventually got sued over it the clause may remove you from being responsible.  I'd check with your attorney to make sure though.

Father's Issues / Re: FINALLY!!!!!! SEAN GOLDMAN WINS!!!
« on: Dec 25, 2009, 08:43:05 AM »
Children's passports are only 5 years, adults 10.  I already knew that.  The traveling without both parents regardless of having a passport was something I had heard and wasn't sure.  On the news last night during the update, they confirmed you do not need the other parents approval other than the passport so that answered my question.

When our first temporary order was established it contained a clause that both parents had the right to request a home inspection of the other parents home.  It had to be requested within X-days and paid for by the person requesting it.   Not sure if that's standard in other states or not, or how much a judge really relies on the information.  Neither of us did one, so I can't speak from experience. 

Father's Issues / Re: FINALLY!!!!!! SEAN GOLDMAN WINS!!!
« on: Dec 24, 2009, 03:51:49 PM »
Jan -
I didn't think it applied if both parents were present, just for one parent traveling without the other. 

Father's Issues / Re: FINALLY!!!!!! SEAN GOLDMAN WINS!!!
« on: Dec 23, 2009, 07:50:23 PM »
I know this happened years ago, but currently don't you have to have both parents consent (and notarized I thought)  regardless of having a child's passport to get out of the country? 
Of course there is always a way to probably skirt around it....

Second Families / Re: Part-time father
« on: Dec 23, 2009, 07:46:51 PM »
It's frustrating but I would start keeping track of each day he has custody and just say show or no show.  If he shows document pick-up and return times.  If there is any contact/conversation document accordingly so you have it for future reference.  I wouldn't spend the time or money going back to court to try and get full custody since he isn't using what he has now.  It's sad for your children, though especially during the holidays.

Visitation Issues / Re: First visitation
« on: Dec 22, 2009, 10:24:46 AM »
I totally understand, mine lies almost daily.  Lied himself right into court ordered therapy for it a few weeks ago - our judge wasn't impressed with his lies either  

Our CO has 72 hours but each parent is ordered to provide the information/phone numbers of anyone other than the parent watching the child during their parenting time.

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