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Father's Issues / an IOWAN - VP
« on: Oct 27, 2004, 12:11:48 PM »

Other than that,, can anyone reallllllllly say something negative about the libertarian party? lol  :-)

That is a BIG plus for Michael Badnarik.  In all the states, Iowa has one of the best joint custody laws in effect - so far.

Father's Issues / T Man
« on: Oct 27, 2004, 12:06:33 PM »
T Man,  I do NOT see anything from Bush, Kerry – Republicans, Democrats on the injustices taking place in custody cases.

Other than keeping the status quo I do NOT see the Dem. or Rep. doing anything for parents.

What are the Dem. and Rep. doing for parents?

Time for the 'Divorce Industry' to close their doors.

I like that bullet point.  I will be using that in my posts.

….. closing the Divorce Industry’s doors.
…….. stop Governmental Regulation on the Family.
….. treating children as chattel.

The big question:
“How can the courts GIVE a person to another person?”
Isn’t that called slavery?

Father's Issues / The experts say
« on: Oct 25, 2004, 11:34:15 AM »
In stories like this they always include this so called experts saying….

“And some experts warn that parents who insist on a strict division of custodial time are less interested in what is good for children and more interested in [EM]lowering[/EM] child support payments or in [EM]controlling[/EM] their former spouses.”

What about the parent who is interested in [FONT SIZE=”+5” COLOR=”RED”] [EM] RISING [/EM] [/FONT] child support (adult support) payments by NOT allowing the other parent more companionship time and controlling the now weekend visiting parent!!

Father's Issues / It’s back!!!! - PARENTS’ RIGHTS
« on: Oct 23, 2004, 06:08:59 AM »


No issue is more sensitive—and few issues are more troubling to Libertarians—than the role of government in family life.

On the face of things, the federal government has an even smaller role in that area than it does in most, and I favor keeping Washington out of issues like defining and licensing marriage, regulating homeschooling, mandating childhood vaccinations or using tax policy for "socially engineering" the makeup and function of the family.

However, there are some areas of family life in which the federal government arguably has a role to play. The Constitution ordains that all Americans receive the equal protection of the law, and it prohibits involuntary servitude.

In both of these areas, the federal government has failed America's families and, in particular, its parents.

Equal protection of the law pre-supposes fairness for those coming before the bar of justice. Yet in divorce proceedings, the states routinely award custody of minor children to one parent or another, relegating the other parent to the status of "second-class citizen"—not because the latter parent has been convicted of any crime, or found unfit, but because of a prejudice in favor of father or mother as the best "single" parent.

This is a matter of federal interest under the 14th Amendment, even intra-state. Once one parent or another, possibly with a child in tow, moves to another state, any shadow of doubt is erased. It becomes an interstate matter, and by definition therefore falls under federal jurisdiction.


Father's Issues / Michael Badnarik bumper sticker
« on: Oct 22, 2004, 01:28:37 PM »
I have a Michael Badnarik bumper sticker on my car.

It seems I am constantly asked – “Who is Michael Badnarik?”.

Here in OHIO I’ve tried to get the message out the best I can.

Since most people I talk to have little or no idea about the libertarian party or Michael Badnarik the political conversations are NOT confrontationally.  People seem to be interested in the ideas of the libertarian party.

[FONT SIZE=”=+2” COLOR=”red”]A VENT: [/FONT]
The main problem with divorce in this country is the [EM]“Governmental regulation on the family[/EM].  When a couple are MARRIED the family has sovernty over the government, BUT, when a couple is categorized as DIVORCED the government now takes over in regulating HOW and WHEN and WHAT disagreements will be solved.  Said plainly [EM] When divorced,,, the Government has sovernty over the family!!!![/EM]

Father's Issues / I love “hogtyed” come back
« on: Oct 08, 2004, 04:50:56 PM »
Posted by: hogtyed @custodyreform.com

and they had to through in their jab of a soundbite,

[EM]'And why do they want 50-50 (custody)? Some people want it because
they know they can reduce the support they pay to their wives.'[/EM]
-- Lynne Gold-Bikin, a family law attorney

That's EX-WIFE, Ms. Gold-Bikin!

I guess it's taboo for a fathers to actually love their children and want to spend time with them.

[FONT SIZE=+2]***But the reverse is can always be tossed back out to them...CP's don't want 50/50, because they wouldn't get as much child support for the children.[/FONT]

But hey, that's fine, I can play their game. Give me 50/50 and I'll pay the full price. If that's all it costs for me to be with my kids, fine by me, I'll pay it.

Father's Issues / This maybe a redundant post – PLEASE SEND EMAIL
« on: Oct 08, 2004, 02:59:05 PM »

WE JUST MADE CNN HEADLINE NEWS WITH THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS, and they are asking viewers to respond to today's public poll - "Barring unusual circumstances, should parents have an equal right to custody of their children?"

email Judy&Thomas@CNN.com with YOUR beliefs RIGHT NOW, telling them a BRIEF and CLEAR "YES" statement.

EMAIL TO: Judy&Thomas@CNN.com

(October 8th, 2004 - approx 8:55am)

Mr. Torm L. Howse
President, Indiana Civil Rights Council

Equality is not a difficult concept


Ed Ward, MD, MT Email to them. Please send your own. We have a chance for exposure. Let us not miss the opportunity.

Send to: Judy&Thomas@CNN.com

Dear Judy and Thomas of CNN,

I would like to thank you for offering exposure for Family's Constitutional Rights. The Constitutional Rights of The People and Famlies have been devastated over the last few decades by both democrats and republicans without any notice from the national press.

Of course, The Constitution of America and I believe, "A parent is a parent and neither parent should be given more access, financial responsibility, ability to care and nurture their child based on a "heavy hand or unequal eye" that deprives a child of BOTH parent's protection and care." http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/01/ward.htm How can any American deny the Rights Granted in the Constitution unless they have illegitimate or fascist motives? Specific information on denial Louisiana's Family Rights. http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/15/ward.htm

Are you aware of the Federal Class Action lawsuit currently filed against 38 states? http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/03/press.htm

Are you aware that the representatives of The People can not get answers for "How many of The People have been Caged for "Encouragement?" http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/02/ward.htm Incarceration without notice of numbers is a prime requisite for "Political Prisoners" and has no place in this Constitutional Republic. Political prisoners are only the result of a Fascist Regime.

Are you aware of the denial of Constitutional Property Rights? http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/09/ward.htm

Are you aware of the denial of Individual Constitutional protections? http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/10/06/ward.htm In this case a 6 year old child was abducted for interrogation by this fascist government without any Constitutional protections or any response for stopping this culpability. It was just Constitutional abuses as usual for this government.

Are you aware of the denial of Constitutional protections in Domestic Violence criminal courts? http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/20/ward.htm It's not just Family Court that has removed Constitutional protections.

Are you aware that every 45 minutes a father snuffs himself via suicide. http://mensnewsdaily.com/archive/w/ward/03/ward072703.htm

Are you aware that a disability as good as a "death sentence" for any Non Custodial Parent? For the disabled are not disabled, they are merely "underemployed" in Family Court.

Are you aware of the national press assisting in "doctored" news releases, lack of releases, classified releases, and ignoring these abuses against The People of America? http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/03/ward.htm

Are you aware of this governments abuses to our soldiers? http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/07/ward.htm

Are you aware that James Madison called "this government" "A Distorted, Bastardized and Illegitimate government from his grave? http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/09/ward.htm

Are you aware of Mike Cox's, Attorney General for Michigan, recent deceit? Where Dominoes Pizza corporation was linked with his courtroom fanaticism on a billboard without their knowledge?

Are you aware that there is one Viable presidential candidate that has aligned himself with the Constitutional in all aspects of government? http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/09/24/press.htm Viable only if the national press will allow his platform to be seen by the voters. Apparently, the national press feels that some useless trivia of war records, or any thing else is more important than covering the Basic Rights of Every American being destroyed by this government?

Are you aware that one of the major parties (the Tory or Conservative Party) in England will soon be advocating Family Rights as part of their main platform?

So while the oppressed are extremely grateful for this exposure of one aspect of this government abuses against it's own citizens and people, SO MUCH MORE IS NEEDED.

Ed Ward, MD, MT

Father's Issues / RE: Very Petty but a pain....
« on: Oct 07, 2004, 07:15:02 AM »
This post is NOT to minimize your situation.

It’s just to let you know it could be worse.

My brother has 50/50 physical & legal custody, with 3 daughters.  He pays $1,300 a month in CS and pays for all school supplies and other stuff.  Mom is a leach and works here and there (you know what I mean).

Father's Issues / Waylon...............
« on: Oct 07, 2004, 05:41:44 AM »

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the surprise phone thanking me for my gift to SPARC.  I appreciate all your hard work and the information you provide.

I value the information here which I read with great fervor and admiration.

Thank you again for your time, effort and money, which makes this site possible and for all the volunteers who help.  Hopefully my donation will allow you to continue the hard work of helping children have both parents.

Bolivar :-)

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