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Update!!!! on my fiance's case,, We have recently found out that a magistrate cannot even terminate parental rights...he is not only appealing but is filing a motion to have the hearing null and void due to the fact that his rights were violated.....under the fourteenth amendment!!!  Keep in mind...judges can be wrong and they can be reprimanded and even de=robed(not sure that is the proper term, but I'm sure you get what I mean)!!!!

Child Support Issues / Re: Wrongful Arrears
« on: Dec 11, 2009, 11:46:03 AM »
You are the respondant and the other person the defendant...check with your court house...they should have a Justie Corp..that can help you with any forms that you are having trouble filling out!!! an any questions to the legalities!!! hope that helps!!!

My fiance was in court yesterday (in Colorado via OKLAHOMA)trying to defend his rights as a father and not have his parental rights terminated!!! well, they terminated them on the grounds of abandonment!! However, he had proof of trying to contact them and trying to see them..He appeared without an attorney...the judge would not even listen to him and would not take any of his documentation into consideration, however let his ex speak an took all of her documentation..he terminated his rights because he said" he didnt try hard enough"!!!

He is a loving father and is devastated....his ex has moved several times and has changed her # on many occasions...the judge didnt care about that at all!!! I highly suggest no one appear without an attorney!! he thought he had all the documentation he needed..police report where he showed up to get them for his visitation and was denied,phone records!!! Judge didnt care!!! You think as an American and living in a free country your rights are protected and you will be treated fairly!!! Think again!! NOT WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY(family law attorneys are in cahoots with family law judges etc. etc...same as with criminal attors.  !!!! He now has hired an attorney an is appealing!!!

 How on gods green earth does a mother keep hurting her children and keep being able to look herself in the mirror!!! KARMA is a wicked wicked B*%$th...and I am a true believer that when you do the wrong things...something comes back on you!!!! Good luck stephanie and Joe in Colorado!!!! J will always be there father!!!REGARDLESS!!!!! ONE of the very best attorneys in the state is representing him now!!!!! 

Not sure what state you are in...but highly suggest you do not do this without an attorney!!My fiance went to court on a termination of parental rights(on the grounds of abandonment)..he did not have an attorney and she did....they terminated his rights even tough he had proof of trying to contact them an even proof of trying to see them(she has moved on several occasions and her #has changed many times)The judge said he didnt try hard enough(guess she tried harder at being in comtempt of the custody agreement and keeping them away from him)...The judge would not even listen to him...however listened to her on everything!! sad...my fiance is a very loving dad and is devastated...He has now hired an attorney and is appealing it!!! Those of you that think you live in a free country an will be treated fairly!!!!THINK AGAIN!!!! NOT WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY!!!!.. I have a friend that works for an attorney...she has clearly stated that family law attorneys are in cahoots with family law judges..the same with criminal attorneys an judges etc...etc!!!! So without an attorney you might as well lay down and let them drive a MACK truck over you!!!!

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