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I feel for you, my step-sons bio mom is sooo dificult. She posts terrible things on fer facebook  about my husband and when she speaks to him its always yelling and sarcasstic comments. She is one of those women who need control over everything and everyone, she has no manners or common curtosy. Everything has to be difficult everytime. Just stay strong for the girls and your husband, even if things dont work out now in the end those girls will know you and their father fought for them and tried your best and that is what they will remember.

Ok so here is our problem, my husband has a 12 yr ol son who he hardly gets to see because the boys mom moves around so much because her husband is in the military. They moved out of the country for 5 yrs so he only saw him once for half the summer almost 2yrs ago. Now they have moved back to the states but not back to texas where we are. She makes things very difficult for him to see and speak to the boy, he has always paid child support and kept insurance and never argues with her even when she becomes extremely argumentative. Now that it is summer the boy has been down for almost 3 wks and he has only been with us over here for maybe 6 days because she wants him with her. They usually justs verbally agree for the visitation times, but now she is threatening to take the boy back with her out of state beause she got mad at my husband for not sending all his clothes back with him. The boy has mentioned wanting to move down here with us but his mother says no he cant and she wont allow him to. This just becomes so heart breaking and emotionaly draining having to deal with her mood changes. We dont know what to do any advice would b great.

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