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Second Families / what are step parents called?
« on: Jun 29, 2011, 07:21:58 PM »
What is everyones opinion on the child calling their step parents mom/dad.

Thats the thing he starts summer school on July 11th which a new court order will not be granted before summer school. So then will I be in contempt?
The reason why he is not getting once a week and every other weekend is because at first he had overnights but then he canceled every weekend so judge took the weekends away, so they gave him once a week, and he canceled those too, so the fact that he was so inconsistent the judge gave him every other tuesday.

What if the new parenting times aren't granted yet, and if he misses visitation due to school does that mean I will be in contempt?

Right now court order says every other Tuesday 9am to 5pm, thats why I tried to settle outside of court rather then have to file everytime we want a change in the parenting plan because it's just ridiculous we should be able to compromise and make changes rather then be in court constantly. I asked for a change because my son has to attend summer school this summer mon-thur from 8:30am to 11:30am, and I won't have enough time to file in court before summer school starts. I asked him if he could pick him up after school on Tuesdays he told me absolutely not, and that it's not his responsibility. Everything regarding our son he says is not his responsiblity. Hello part of being a parent is doing for your child.

I asked him if we could switch to either Saturday or Sunday because my son will be in kindergarten mon-fri 8:20am to 2:20pm, I asked him if he could possibly pick him up at 2:20 and keep him until 7ish he said no, so thats when I offered a weekend day he also said no to that too, and it's not even like he works full time and has a busy schedule. It just bothers me that he isn't willing to compromise because everytime he asked for a change in hrs or days I always agreed, to avoid court and to do whats in best interest for my son. But when I ask for a change he says no and that bothers me.

Visitation Issues / bio dad unwilling to compromise on visitation.
« on: Jun 29, 2011, 05:35:58 PM »
My son is four almost five, he will be attending kindergarten soon, I have talked to bio dad about switching times, days, or even picking him up from school. He says it isn't his responsiblity to pick up his son at school. He refuses to switch day to the weekend because thats his days to go out with his friends. He pretty much told me his visitation is more important and that I should homeschool our son. What should I do?

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