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CP has been unemployed on the books for a year or so now. Rumor has it that her official excuse is....she won't go out and work because any money she possibly earns will be tied up in day care costs for her new kids.
I am guessing that generally all she has to do at this point is go to court and ask for an upward modification citing an inability to find work? CS State is Florida which is a "2 income State"
I imagine that would be all a CP would generally have to say based upon many years of reading and experience.

Lucky to have your help here...really fortunate. Thank you

Well very true. I do all of my work pro se (forgot to mention that). Just seems like a huge number of NCP(s) don't have to do that which surprises me.  Thanks for the additional tips.

I do all of those things except for the guidance counselor. The rewards have been theoretical so far with my 2 other children that live with me. Time to put it into practice. Gotta be mission oriented as a family. Wish I had more money to make it happen since I have 2 other children they will get jealous. A little worried that BM will catch on and my efforts will be in vain....I guess it all has to be presented correctly (which I have been doing). A little worried that ex will think that I have enough money to reward my child and demand more money.

Good suggestions overall!

Life is such a catch 22. I can't possibly be the only one who had to leave an economically depressed area just to pay child support and drastically reduce any visitation that you had with your child. They say support and visitation are 2 different matters. I completely disagree in that you can't visit your child if you can't work. You will end up in jail for failure to pay. How are you really going to see your child in jail? Move if you would like, but this is my ongoing child support issue. I can ask a million faces for a job in my child's locality but no one could ever help even when times were supposed to be "good".
Funny how it all works.

...without wrecking their current life? I have been around for a while, and have noticed that especially on this forum people constantly discuss how their lawyer did this or that for them.

CP/BM simply has to lift it's freshly painted fingernail if they are not getting CS and it costs BM nothing to come after me to get it.
Maybe I am jealous (which I admit I am) (as well as being an impolitically correct hater), but I wonder how anyone could possibly live a decent life fighting battles in the court system while paying child support?
10 years or so ago, I hired an attorney off of my credit card and that was it for me. I never got a square deal and I am always concerned that by rocking the boat I will get screwed out of tons of money by an attorney ON TOP of the child support that I pay today. In fact, should BM choose to pretend not to work e.g. run a business out of her home (which she does) and not report it, I could pay a lawyer 10's of thousands of dollars and walk out of that court room with a huge upward modification.
Nothing against NCP who are wealthy (besides my jealousy of you), but IMHO you would have to be wealthy to fight the perpetual battles I see in court and keep a roof over your head.
The general public consisting of 1st class citizens doesn't seem to even be able to keep a house over their head in this economy. By nature of this debt alone, we are 2nd class citizens.
I don't ever think I will understand how you all continue court battles for years on end with the odds so heavily stacked against you as an NCP. I love my child, but "my" reality comes into play so I leave BM alone.
IMHO, I could tell the judge any statement of fact about the CP and a deaf ear would automatically be turned. The judge rendered me a NCP in the first place, why would I expect a different outcome and risk damaging my life even further dealing with that same "public servant"? That almost feeds the definition of insanity!
Some say not to live your life in fear....must be nice! Unlike some, I didn't have a family who has been financially or emotionally supportive during my custody battle. In fact, they supported BM in both respects. The message was essentially "hurry up and die" during the entire process.  Talk about being damaged psychologically, financially, and emotionally!
I know this is a rant, but would like to hear from you too.

Florida Law essentially states that child support terminates at the age of 18 unless the child is still in school but not reached the age of 19 etc.
I think BM has locked on to that idealism and is going out of her way to make my child fail. I hear some pretty astounding things my child comes to be with during visitation e.g. I don't care if you fight or get kicked out or suspended.
In my opinion, all I can do is build a suspense should my child fail school. If I bring it up the wrong way to BM or any party, BM will find a way to retaliate even more severely and hurt my wallet in some other way.

Child Support Issues / Florida Child Support End Date
« on: Aug 03, 2011, 08:24:00 PM »
My question(s) concerning this are actually much more complicated than I am asking here so I have decided to break my questions(s) up into more simple ones.

It may take a while (if ever) for me to ask the questions I really want to ask because they are so subjective and complicated as is everything behind the black iron curtain.

Here goes.....

My court order reads that I have to pay child support for my child until the age of 18 unless he is enrolled in high school expected to graduate until the age of 19.

Let's face it, I will be paying support until he reaches the age of 19.

However, any accounting that I request from the Florida Department of Revenue shows a termination date when he reaches his 18th birthday.

In this game, I am sure that the system would love to stop collecting child support via wage attachment on his 18th birthday and then go to jail for failure to pay.

Further to this, in Florida you have to petition the court to make child support payments stop.

More recently, HB 907 automates the process off child support termination. In other words, you don't need to go to court to end child support payments anymore. It also makes child support terminate at the age of 18. Unfortunately, it seems to only apply to cases initiated after October 2010. It seems that cases before this are not grandfathered in.

Any ideas what is what? Child Support termination is going to be in 6 or 7 years anyway I look at it. However, in this game I have come to realize that I need to stay that far ahead to survive.


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