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WHere are the Houston Family Attorney's? 8)

Thank YOu-
However the list does not include anyone from Houston, Tx?

Enough Is Enough..!!! >:(


Need a Good Family Lawyer in HOuston, Tx?
does anyone know of one to work with husband that has
been Mentally Abused by wife? :'(

Mom is a Mean that he left & could no longer take the
abusive and controlling ways.  IT was just too much!!!!
She's Mad & can't get on with her life? :'(
So,  she tries everything to use her child as Bait & not let her see
her Father & Father's family??   :'(  What a MEan -Ugly Person..!!! :'(

Very Sad..How Some Dads are So Great & give over more than they should & still get Screwed over ?
Dad lives out of state-his heart is broken that he can't see his daughter :'(
mom's attorney has sent papers requesting more $ and $200 to take her daughter to airport from Dad?
he should be getting his daughter june 15th as stated in divorce papers being out of state..
and now she is delaying it for 10 days..? :'(
what is wrong w/ people?
they are only hurting there own children by doing this ?
and being So Greedy?   WHere is there Heart?   I can't believe how Greedy & ugly people can be? :'(

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